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Unity express 3.1 GB language install



I was wondering if anybody new how to install the Engish UK language pack for Unity Express 3.1 as at the moment its a usa lady speaking and she asks for you to press the pound key instead of the hash.

I've looked around on the cisco site but can't find anything that actually works :-(,  Various docs from cisco but I can't find anything that actually shows step by step what to do ...or even where to download the files from.

cisco unity 3.1 NME

ANy help would be cool

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Kshitij Singhi
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi John,

Here is what needs to be done:

1. Assuming you are using CUE 3.1.2 (check via "show software version" in CUE), go to the following link:

The path is: - - -> support - - > download software - -> voice and unified communications - - >unified communications applications - ->voicemail and unified messaging - - >Cisco unity express - - > Choose the version.

2. Download the file "cue-vm-en_GB-langpack.nm-aim.3.1.2.prt1" and "cue-vm-langpack.nm-aim.3.1.2.pkg". The file name will change depending on whether you are using an NM-CUE, AIM-CUE, NME-CUE or ISE. (Check the CUE type by issueing "show inventory" on the router)

3. Place both the files in the root of an FTP server. Make sure that you can ping from the CUE to the FTP server. Also, ensure that a username/password has been set on the FTP server.

4. Issue the command "software install add url ftp:///cue-vm-langpack.nm-aim.3.1.2.pkg username password .

Note: Make sure you use the file that looks like "cue-vm-langpack.XXX.Y.Z.W.pkg" and not the GB Langpack over here.

5. Once the download goes through, you should get a table allowing you to choose the language. Make the appropriate choice by entering the number.

6. Enter "x" to confirm your selection and the download of the GB language pack should start.

7. Reload the CUE (it should happen automatically).

8. Make the changes through the GUI on the users page (for the language), for VM access, default language used and the AA language prompt.

You can remove a language by using "software uninstall ......" in the CUE.

Hope this helps.

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