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Unity: How To Trace Call Flow To A Mailbox or Handler



I am reading about Cisco Unity traces and may need a little help with this. The operator mailbox is receiving messages. I want to trace how a call is being routed to this mailbox.


I know if a caller into Unity reaches the Opening Greeting and that caller does not hang up then that caller will reach the mailbox and can leave a message.


However, I want to be able to review the Unity call logs and/or traces to see the caller details, how the caller reached unity, if that caller directly hit the opening greeting, or if the caller was in some other call handler and was somehow lead to the operator greeting/mailbox, or if maybe some user is trying to forward messages to the operator handler/mailbox.


My current unity version is


Ty :)


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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

the "Call Handler Traffic Report" in Connection may help - it shows how all calls exited each call handler (i.e. dialing an extension, selecting a one key route, leaving a message, hanging up etc.) - not sure if that gives you the detail you're looking for there or not, but I'd start there anyway.

Thank you! I did check out that report and it does not show who placed the call nor how the caller entered this handler.


I did look at the Opening Greeting, knowing it does feed into the Operator greeting, and can see a number of calls hitting the opening greeting. There is a column named "After Greeting", I assume that means the caller stayed on the line and was transferred to the Operator. I can then look at the report for the Operator handler and see similar data.


What I'd like to determine, and I imagine something like looking at UCM's SDL traces, is if I can see a caller leaving a message and then backtrack that caller to see what handler was used to reach the Operator handler.


Ty :)

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