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What information in email header identifies an email as a voicemail?


I have 2, 5.X Unity systems. Neither one is aware of the other.  One Unity is working with unified messaging, the other on a separate network in a separate domain uses Internet subscribers that will forward voice messages to the .  When an outside caller calls, leaves a voice message and reaches an internet subscriber the voice message is sent to the outlook mailbox of a user on the other Unity system.  When that voicemail arrives in outlook mailbox from the internet subscriber it lights the lite on the users phone.

When the email with the voicemail attached arrives from a different Unity what information in the email header tells the exchange monitor to send a MWI activation message to the Notifier queue?



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Tray Stoutmeyer
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

It's not anything in the header that identifies it. When the notifier service goes through the mailbox when Unity gets a MAPI update that a new item has arrived in a subscriber mailbox, it looks for a value called IPM.Note.Voice.Unity that identifies it as voicemail. Regular email has only the attribute IPM.Note. You can view this through a tool on Unity called DohPropTest that accesses the mailbox items of a specified subscriber and you can see the different values including the message type that results in this value.


This information is correct.  There is no IPM.Note.Voice when it comes through from an Internet Subscriber.  When its a full Unity Subscriber, the voicemail is then classified correctly as an IPM.Note.Voice.  +5 for you!

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