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Ajay Singh

CUCM Integration with Office 365


We are looking for a solution where we can integrate Cisco CUCM 8.6 with Office 365 in a hosted environment.

There are plenty of options available for CUCM and MS Lync integration (direct sip trunk, mediation server, CUCiLYNC) but i believe this is applicable when Lync is in Managed premises rather than hosted services.

In my Scenarion, customer wants an On premise CUCM integration with Hosted Office 365.

is there any document available which given provides the details of the integration along with planning and limitation/restrictions. we had been trying to connect with some partners for help but no success.



Ajay Singh

I had gone through a thread on this community but as per my understadning this is about - everything in hosted environment and (CUCM not in on premises environment)


I did respond at the very bottom on this. If you are talking about using CUCM on premise and Exchange UM in the cloud then Cisco doesn't endorse or support it. MSFT has had an app note for it but it uses third party border controllers and you will have to work with two vendors support.

If you are talking about Lync call control with CUCM but Lync is using O365 hosted then CUCI Lync does support hosted O365


Hi Srini,

Thanks for your response. This surely clears my doubt. Couple of last things i wanted to understand:

From this what i understand is "if we use third party SBCs for Call control with CUCM, TAC will not support the integration" is my understanding correct.

Also is there any roadmap for this integration or this is not in agenda.

Which integration specifically are you looking at? The UM integration or CUCI Lync with O365?

If it’s the former then no plans. MSFT has an app note using In gate SBC but that’s not endorsed by Cisco. You can try CUBE but YMMV.

If it’s the latter then it’s supported today. CUCI Lync doesn’t need any SBC involved since we aren’t creating any SIP trunk to O365.



Hi Srini,

Do you have a link to the MSFT integration note? I have had no luck finding it.


Yes I updated my post a few weeks back take a look above


Hi Srini,

I have a Questions related to your post:

"If you are talking about using CUCM on premise and Exchange UM in the cloud then Cisco doesn't endorse or support it"

Does this mean there is a limitation for Pointing SIP trunks from CUCM to any other Server?

How would CUCM realize that its sending traffic to a hosted or in-prem server?

The App note details about using a SBC which is needed to change the RTP port number as MS as a restricted port range   as compared to standard in Cisco.

About the Support Each party e.g. MS and Cisco will be responsible for SIP messages they sent, the only dead lock comes if we run into a product limitation, so why its not supported. So its should be supported but sev 6 bugs will take a while...

Not endorsed makes sense as Competition is on the rise:)



I agree that the word supported can be misinterpreted and I should have explained it better. What I am saying is Cisco doesn't have a well published guide on the interop site highlighting the fact that they have tested it end to end. Will TAC troubleshoot till the SBC(assuming it is Cisco), sure. If you go with Ingate then that's outside their scope. They will look at SIP messages and if they see something that isn't unacceptable to them they will ask MSFT to handle it and I am sure they will point back and vice-versa. Even if the integration works today, you can have an issue if O365 does an upgrade and unlike on premise Lync where you have more hooks in changing config. O365 isn't going to entertain it.

That's the key point I am trying to drive which is end to end support that has been tested by Cisco. If there is such an app note I don't see it posted for partners.


Hi Sirinivasan,

I am replying to your post back to 2013, I just migrate from Exchange 2013 to O365 and we have UM on our call manager, is there any way to setup Voicemail to inbox exactly like what we had on our exchange on prem?!


Omid Rajaee

If you are asking about migrating your exchange on premise settings for VM to O365 then that would be a MSFT question outside of these forums. If you are talking on integrating the two via SIP then Cisco does not endorse or test it, you will need to look at MSFT support with audiocodes/sonus/ingste SBC and their guides to setup the integration

So, our on prem Cisco Call manager(Which we are using now to UM) cannot integrate with O365?!

I didn't say couldn't integrate, I said Cisco does not support it and there is no guide from Cisco. If you google CUCM UM Office 365 you will get hits from third party sources on the integration. I am pointing out Cisco view point here.

Even MSFT doesn't have an app note for direct O365 UM with CUCM. So if you go to 3rd party SBC like Ingate and others u will get that guide is what I am saying

My colleague reminded me about this link but you will see ASR. MSFT also only lists ASR as certified SBC on their site so that's the next issue

Thanks, this is exactly what I am reviewing now.


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