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Attaching ISO from remote file share to UCS KVM console


I am searching for an option to attach ISO file from remote file share to UCS KVM console so that I can use it to install an operating system. After activating virtual devices in the KVM console, I'm only able to attach ISO file only from the local machine (machine from where the KVM console is launched). Is there any way to remotely attach the file share?

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Steven Tardy
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Thanks, Steven. I see that you're using a cisco integrated management controller. I don't find such an option in the UCS Manager console. Do you know if we have any such option in UCS manager?

UCSM has the same functionality named vMedia Policy:

  UCSM / Servers / Policies / vMedia Policy / {policy name} / [Create vMedia Mount]

UCSM vMedia Mount.png


The screenshot above is on Hyperflex, but that doesn't matter.

The vMedia Policy will need to be associated to the Service Profile Template or Service Profile after configured.


Docs for this:

Even after mounting using CIMC - I'm unable to boot from the media connected via CIMC. Is there any restriction with regard to boot mode like BIOS/UEFI? I'm using BIOS.

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