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Hello,I am running cisco UCSM package version 4.2(3d), I joined 2 C240M4L both running for the BIOS and 4.0(2I) for the CIMC firmware trying to upgrade to 4.1(2k). both were discovered successfully, however when I applied the service profile...

We have been asking our Cisco contacts for a long time for self-paced Intersight training (similar to what they have for UCS & the data centre technologies).To my pleasant surprise I got a mail on 20 Jan about new Cisco U. content which includes Cisc...

recently just installed brand new  UCSX-210C-M7-U & UCSX-440P blades into a new 9508 chassis. Issue is that the devices themselves do not have a physical service tag to identify the a specific blade. there is a QR code at the top of each blade to sca...

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