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Cisco UCS Manager UCSM 2.2(2c) released

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

UCS Manager 2.2(2c) “El Capitan MR1”
Release Notification
May 23, 2014
DCG is pleased to announce the release of UCS Manager 2.2(2c) codenamed “El Capitan MR1”.
The release is now available for download on as release 2.2(2c). 

Links to download this release are as follows:
·        Infrastructure software bundle: Click here to download
·        B-series and C-series software bundles for this release are available at the above link, under “Related Software”.

Relevant documentation for the 2.2(2) release can be accessed as follows:
·        Release notes for UCS Manager 2.2: Click here
·        Install & Upgrade Guides: Click here
·        Configuration Guides for GUI & CLI: Click here
·        Release Bundle Contents for UCS Manager 2.2(2): Click here

The UCS Manager 2.2(2) release enables support for new Intel Ivy Bridge server platforms, and delivers key features and enhancements
in the Fabric and Operational areas. The following is a summary of the El Capitan MR1 release content:

Platform Support:
·        B260-M4 & B460-M4 (2S-EX & 4S-EX blade servers)
·        B420-M3 (4S-EP Ivy Bridge blade server refresh)
·        B22-M3 (2S-EN Ivy Bridge blade server refresh)
·        C460-M4 (4S-EX rack server)
·        C22-M3 & C24-M3 (2S-EN Ivy Bridge rack server refreshes)
·        High Voltage PSU (380v) Support

Note: New SAP HANA solutions are based on the M4 server platforms, B260-M4, B460-M4 and C460-M4.

Operational Enhancements:
·        Scriptable vMedia
·        Pre-Upgrade Validation Checks
·        GPU Firmware Management
·        Wear-Level Monitoring on Flash Adapters
·        KVM/vMedia Client Enhancements

Fabric Enhancements:
·        PVLAN Enhancements
·        NetFlow Support
·        Cisco VIC Driver Enhancements:
o   Adaptive Interrupt Coalescing (AIC)
o   Accelerated Receive Flow Steering (ARFS)
o   netQueue Support

UCS Manager 2.2 and its subsequent Maintenance Releases will be the last to support the Gen1 hardware, including 6100 series Fabric Interconnects, 2100 IO Modules, M1 series Servers, and M1-only adapters. Support for Gen1 hardware will drop starting the next major release, codenamed “Fletcher Cove”.

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