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Problem connecting Broadcom NetXtreme II 57711 to Cisco UCS 6120

Martin Jaburek

Hi all,

I ordered rackmount server(C210 M1) with Broadcom NetXtreme II 57711 which I would like to connect to Cisco UCS 6120 in switching mode, but I can't make it working. Broadcom has 2 slots for SFP/SFP+ so I inserted Cisco SFP 10GBase-SR into it. I also inserted the same SFP into the Cisco 6120.

I also tried to cross the fiber but I still got no link.

I tried to lookup supported SFPs from Broadcom but have no luck so far. Can anybody help, please?

The only technical specification I found is . I don't know if it is reliable but I can't make much of it.


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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


Both the 6100 Farbric interconnect and the Broadcom support SFP+, below I have included some supporting documentation.

The first link shows the supported adapters for the C Series Servers (Overview of Cisco C-Series Adapters .pdf) which has a link to a datasheet for the broadcom. The second link provides a list of supported SFPs.

The output of show interface brief on the fabric interconnect will display which interfaces have an SFP present, you can also use the command

show interface ethernet x/y transceiver details for more information.

If you still have issues you can use a process of elimination, change the cable, SFPs try a different port on the fabric interconnect. Plug another

supported device into the fabric interconnect to see if it comes up. You can use a similar process to rule in or out a problem with the Server.


Hi Bill,

CISCO SFP+ 10g does definitely not working with this card. I finally ordered SFPs with local fiber optic specialized partner and he ordered some compatible SFPs directly from Taiwan (He cooperates closely with manufacturers). These are ok, so I have them on one side and on the other I have Cisco's.

Unfortunately your links were of no help to me, because in the datasheet there is no info of supported SFP+.

I think I was lucky that our partner knew the card.

These SFP+ were not branded, so next time I will order again "SFPs which work in THIS card"...



In UCS Manager version 1.3 or below, if you connect a C-Series server to the 6100, you will need to run Switch Mode and configure the port as an "Uplink" port.  Did you configure the port as an "Uplink" port?



Hi Brad,

I configured it as an Uplink port and as I mentioned above - when I used the correct SFP the link went up (and also connectivity) I also use the Switch mode, otherwise I won't be able to switch between this host and the other Uplink ports.

David McFarland
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Directly connecting a rack server to a UCS 6100 fabric interconnect is not supported with the current release of software.

Yes I know, It was not my intention to manage the server via UCS manager. (BTW it's a shame you have to use other Nexus device to manage it >:[ )

Martin Jaburek


how can I mark the thread as answered? I can mark other people comments as Correct answer, but not my own?

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