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Jeffrey Foster
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

The CIMC XML API is a programmatic interface to the Cisco Integrated Management Controller (CIMC) in a standalone Cisco C-Series server. System administrators can interact with the XML API by passing XML documents via HTTP/HTTPS and the CIMC XML API is implemented to behave in a similar fashion to the UCSM XML API. Since the methods and functions supported by the XML API are a subset of those supported by UCSM, administrators familiar with the UCSM XML API will be able to reuse the same development techniques and tools to integrate with their Standalone Cisco C-Series servers.  The CIMC XML API implementation is consistent in syntax and semantics with UCSM XML API.

The CIMC inventory, state and configuration information is modeled in a hierarchical tree structure known as the Management Information Tree (MIT) where data is queried and processed in real time as commands are passed rather than pulled from a repository as is the case with UCSM.  The CIMC XML API reuses only a subset of UCSM Data Model objects and their representation in Management Information Tree (MIT).

Enhancements included in the CIMC 2.0 release include:

  • Storage Configuration & Management
  • Self Encrypting Drive Management

Enhancements included in the CIMC 1.5 release include:

  • Performance improvement in XML API query response time
  • Configure complete Boot Order table in a single XML API Set request
  • Configure complete BIOS token set in a single XML API Set request
  • Query default BIOS token values
  • Get and Set VIC (Cisco P81E and VIC 1225) configuration
  • Retrieve LSI RAID configurations
  • Retrieve CPU, DIMM and Motherboard statistics (current temp, voltage & current)
  • Query MAC addresses of non VIC network adapters including LOMs
  • Retrieve server hardware inventory
  • Retrieve Cisco Catalog PIDs
  • Update/Activate CIMC, BIOS and VIC firmware individually
  • Support for CIMC and VIC secondary/backup firmware images
  • Reported faults are logged by the fault engine and can be retrieved on demand or asynchronously delivered to end users through XML API event channel provided user has opened an event channel explicitly using eventSubscribe XML Method
  • Support for scriptable VMedia,  NTP time sync and VIC iSCSI Boot
  • Query/Configuration support of CIMC Local Users, Active Directory and SNMP features
  • Multi server complete firmware update through HUU automation using XML API interface
  • Firmware update tools (Windows/Python utilities) for Multi-server firmware updates
  • KVM Console Launch Capabilities

To begin working with the C-Series CIMC XML API, download the following

Cisco IMC Version 1.5 XML API Programmers Guide

Cisco IMC Version 2.0 XML API Programmers Guide - Latest

These guides provides an overview of the XML API, the UCS management information model and contains numerous API examples.

Links to XML API Schema Files:

Cisco UCS C-series Standalone XML Schema

Insung Choi

Hi, Jeffrey.

I have a question.

Can't the CIMC API configure LSI raid controller?

Thanks for your answer.

Jeffrey Foster
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Insung,

Yes, storage configuration via the XML API is one of the enhancements that was added in Cisco IMC 2.0(1a). There are many samples included in the XML API Programmers Guide (link above).


Not applicable

Hi Jeff,

My goal is to acquire ALL the inventory objects in one cURL query and it sounded like the CIMC 1.5 enhancement you mentioned titled "Retrieve server hardware inventory" would allow me to do that.

When you mention that the 1.5 CIMC releases support "Retrieve server hardware inventory" - if I browse the MIT via visore on a C Series running 1.5(11) - I don't see a child object of the MO sys/rack-unit-1 that is titled "inventory" or anything like "inventory" which would contain ALL the inventory objects of the C Series.

Whereas, you also mentioned that the 1.5 CIMC releases support "Retrieve Cisco Catalog PIDs" and I do see a new distinct DN named "pidCatalog" when browing a CIMC version 1.5x and I can confirm that I don't see this new "pidCatalog" DN when browsing an earlier CIMC version 1.4(3t).

It seems that there are simply more individual children objects of the MO sys/rack-unit-1 in CIMC 1.5 releases than there are in prior releases.  Can I accurately conclude that CIMC 1.5 did not introduce a new "single inventory object" that contains ALL the inventory objects of the C Series?

Thank you,


Jeffrey Foster
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Amir,

Yes - we have expanded the model and capabilities of the C-Series XML API between the 1.4 and 1.5 releases and again between the 1.5 and 2.0 releases. System Inventory can be collected by browsing individual objects or you can query topSystem inhierarchically. The cURL query that would return inventory and configuration data is:

curl -k -d "<configResolveClass cookie='$COOKIE$' inHierarchical='true' classId='topSystem'/> " http://IP/nuova


Not applicable

Thanks Jeff. That did it.


Not applicable

Hi Jeff,

I wanted to thank you, Eric and the rest of your team for outstanding documentation and support around the UCS platforms.  In my career, I've done r/s, security, wireless and ipt engineering and have been UCS focused for the last year or so and the resources you guys distribute is a GREAT help to me in my role at Shoregroup.

Thank you and your team and keep up the great work!


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