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500 series phones wont register after recovering password


I had to recover the password for a UC540W and followed the standard procedures that I am aware of. I went to rommon, , copy start to run, change the password, no shut on the interfaces, saved and rebooted.

The 7900 series phones work with no problem but the 525 and 504 are stuck downloading the xmldefault.cnf.xml file. It would seem that there is some other item I need to adjust during the password recovery.

What else would possibly be affected by a password reset that would selectively knockout the 500 series phones?

I did a factory reset on the 504g phone and it loaded a default screen but didnt register with the UC540.

The statements for the phones loads are listed:

tftp-server flash:/phones/525/spa525g-7-4-4.bin alias spa525g-7-4-4.bin
tftp-server flash:/phones/5x5/spa5x5-7-4-4.bin alias spa5x5-7-4-4.bin

and the files are in the directory:

Directory of flash:/phones/

    4  drw-           0  Oct 14 2010 08:05:10 -07:00  521_524
    6  drw-           0  Oct 14 2010 08:05:12 -07:00  525
    8  drw-           0  Oct 14 2010 08:05:12 -07:00  5x5
   10  drw-           0  Oct 14 2010 08:05:14 -07:00  7921
   18  drw-           0  Oct 14 2010 08:05:14 -07:00  7925
   26  drw-           0  Oct 14 2010 08:05:16 -07:00  7931
   34  drw-           0  Oct 14 2010 08:05:18 -07:00  7945_7965
   43  drw-           0  Oct 14 2010 08:05:18 -07:00  7970_7971

260165632 bytes total (154513408 bytes free)
POD-12#cd 525
Directory of flash:/phones/525/

    7  -rw-    10900992  Oct 14 2010 08:06:20 -07:00  spa525g-7-4-4.bin

260165632 bytes total (154513408 bytes free)
POD-12#cd ..
POD-12#cd 5x5
Directory of flash:/phones/5x5/

    9  -rw-     3750540  Oct 14 2010 08:06:40 -07:00  spa5x5-7-4-4.bin

260165632 bytes total (154513408 bytes free)

What else would possibly affect this that I could check.

I have a demo in the morning and am waiting on SCC support to fix my serial number so I can order support. So in the meantime I am stuck.

I could upload my config but I dont have time to clean it. I know this is a simple one line statement issue so if you have any ideas please let me know.

Also no changes were made to the configuration before or after this problem other than to reset the password.



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This comes up twice after I reboot a phone:

CRYPTO_PKI: Can not select private key (TP-self-signed-1232988956)

Could this be related?

I followed this thread:

And the crypto error went away but the 500 series phones still wont register....

Naum Vitanovski


Check your load statements in your running config. See if you have one for spa phones.

also do sh flash: and see if you have a vlan.dat file. if you have not you have to manually create the voice vlan.



The load statements are in the config, I listed them in the original post above. The vlan.dat is visible from show flash:

The actual files do exist for the phone loads as well. It is odd as it only affects the 500 series phones and not the 7900 series phones.

try "create cnf files" under telephony service, to recreate the cnf files. Maybe that will help


I thought about that but it was isolated to one series of phones.

I was working on the unit and had to do work on the wireless to get the 7925 working. I edited the voice wlan and changed from wep to open. After it uploaded the changes.... both phones started working.

It must have been security related as whatever statements were changed related to the wlan config.. it allowed the phones to complete registration.

I wish I could find out what caused it.. but I do have the cca logs. I will bring it up with cca feedback.

Thanks for your help.

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