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A clear question


I have a simple question and I hope I will get a clear answer:

Were is the new firmware of SPA3102?
When do you (Cisco) will issue it?
Have you any developer who can solve the CID problem of Sipura hardware?
--- OR ---
I have to choice other product (of course from other company) if the CID is important for me....
Regards, Tamás Borlay
(Background: 'spa302 & CID' and other topics)
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laharper wrote:

Please be assured that Cisco has not abandoned the customers of the SPA3102.

The Product Team has needed to make tough business decisions regarding the development priorities for the portfolio.  Delivering a firmware release that addresses the issues that some of our SPA3102 user have experienced has been elevated as a priority.

We expect a maintenance release of the SPA3102 firmware will still take a few months to develop and test, but it is a commitment that the Product Team will schedule to provide.

Our anticipated target date is mid-summer 2011.


Lance Harper

Product Manager

Cisco Systems, Inc.

Ahem... Now how credible do you think this is to us, your customers?

All this time, the firmware was either "allmost ready" or "going into test phase". Now you tell us it is going to be developed......

As Tamás (kabelnet2) pointed out about a year ago, this promise of fixed firmware has outlived the economical lifespan of the product.

Nothing personal, but your company's credibility rating on this is about the same as this weeks issue of "news of the world".

Too many broken promises by Cisco....

To illustrate this, here's a nice compilation (F.Y.I. the first time the issue was raised was way before August 2009, but the search engine of this forum still has some growing pains. And what ever happened to Sherman? He never answered the forum again.....):

53. Aug 31, 2009 9:40 AM in response to: pdjackson

Re: spa3102 & CID

Hi Peter & Community,

Per product management, I've assigned both this CID and the CID issue defined at CDETS# CSCtb67946

Engineering will now schedule a fix for this.

Next steps [very loosely described by me]:

1. Engineering management assigns task to Engineer

2. After analysis, a schedule is defined

3. Test code is produced

4. Code is tested by customer/s to verify fix

5. Code is tested, including regression testing

6. Schedule for general availability is defined




75. Feb 3, 2010 10:39 AM in response to: dutchadept

Re: spa3102 & CID

Dear SPA3102 (and all Linksys & Cisco ATA) Customers:

We just wanted to pass along there is a mainenance release in the works for the SPA3102 which will address this and other issues outstanding on ATA products.  We do not have a release date just yet, but please check back here for future communication on this topic.

Regardless of the branding you see on the ATA's, the Cisco Small Business Technology Group are fully committed to our customer base of service providers, resellers and end-users.  Please know that we are standing behind these products with support from our warranty / service plan or fee-based Small Business Support Center, our partner portal and this Cisco Community Central site (as wll as other non-Cisco community forums).

Via this community forum or direct (e-mail / phone), please feel free to contact myself, Alberto Montilla or Patrick Born if you have any questions or comments.

Thank you for your business.


Sherman Scholten

Director, Product Management

Cisco Systems, Inc.

Small Business Technology Group

Voice Endpoints

o :: +1 408.853.7682

e :: sscholte (at) cisco (dot) com

w ::


1. Aug 5, 2010 12:02 PM in response to: kabelnet2

Re: A clear question

The CID issue will be addressed in the next release, the release is scheduled at this time for end of Oct.

9. Dec 2, 2010 2:29 PM in response to: dutchadept
Re: A clear question

Ok, I got info on the schedule.  Apparently the wrp400 and spa2102 will have their release before the spa8000 and spa3102.

Looking at this new info, it looks like some time in Q1 2011' for spa8000 and spa3102.  Sorry for the delay and misinformation.

Hi, now that we have passed the (Northern) mid-summer - has there been any progress on this firmware? thanks.

Dear mr. Harper,

As summer inevitably has gone and fall has arrived, so Cisco's schedule for the SPA3102  firmware release has not been met. I fear it has become something like a law of nature...

Kind regards,

Alex Slanina

Senior ICT specialist

Air Traffic Control The Netherlands

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