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Auto Answer Tone - how do you adjust the volume?


I just set up a bunch of SPA303 phones.  The users wanted an intercom feature, so I set the phones to Auto Answer, created special extensions which add the SIP Header "Call-Info:;answer-after=0", added softkeys that speed dial those extension.  Voila! intercom buttons.  Works great.

Now they want to increase the volume of the little beep that the phones make when they intercom each other.  On the web page under Admin -> Advanced -> Regional I tried adjusting the db value of the "Alert Tone" and "Page Tone" under the "Call Progress Tones" section and it didn't seem to make any difference.

Does anyone know how to make that beep louder and/or longer? 

Is it one of the "Call Progress Tones"?  (I really thought Page Tone would be it)

How high can the "db" field in these tone definitions go? The Admin guide doesn't have min/max values...or I overlooked it.

Any insight appreciated.  Thanks.

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Dan Lukes

Divide et impera.

1. Try to found what "* Tone" definition apply to your case, if any. Change the frequencies, not volume of tones (it's easiest to recognize). You may found either that the tone in question is not triven by a configuration tag - then you are out of luck. Or you will discover the apropriate tag (yes, page tone sound to be favorite, but it neeeds to be verified) ant it's the time to enter phase 2.

2. Now it's the time to play with volume - you know you are playing with tag related to intercom tone.

Unfortunately, I don't know the acceptable 'db' range.

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