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Hi,    On my Cisco IP Phone 8841, I've configured an XML Directory Service and set the "Reverse Phone Lookup Serv" setting to "Yes".    Using phone UI, I can access the directory. However, when an incoming call arrives, no lookup is made by the phone...

Hey everyone! I've got 5-6 Cisco IP Phone 303 models that support 3 lines. 3 phones share one extension (301, front desk), and two phones in the back office each have their own extension (302 & 402). What I'd like to know is whether these phones supp...

 I want to upgrade the used cp-8811-3pcc model firmware.However, if you try to download it from the website, you cannot download it because this error appears.I've tried changing my browser using Safari, Chrome and even Internet Explorer but I still ...

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jiyong210 by Beginner
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Hello,I'm posting this message to report a software regression that affects the "11.2.4" (ATA19x.11-2-4MPP0001-115) firmware version of the ATA191-MPP.Affected versions and configuration: The issue is encountered when using IPv6 only network for SIP ...