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Differing ringtones for internal calling versus external incoming calls

I have a Cisco IP Phone SPA 303. I am trying to figure out a way to have a different ringtone when we are calling internally within our system versus what we hear when an outside customer calls in. Is this a possible feature for this phone and if not...

Cisco 8941 video feature not working on BE3K

Hi I configured  VLAN 5 ( ) AND VLAN 2 (  in a simple network with  Cisco Router 877 + Cisco 2960-S Switch . I  put  BE3K on VLAN 2 with  ip address /24 and ( media source).   I also connected...

Call Connector Presence Icon not showing adding new user to existing PC

I have Call Connector setup on our system along with a UC560 It all works fine with new users using new PCs but when we have a new user using an existing handset/PC our presence icon isnt there so we cant change our busy/availible/custom settings. It...

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Cisco SPA 504G repeatedly displays "Upgrading Firmware" ...

My client has a new Cisco SPA 504G with service from 8x8 -- no local pabx, 100% hosted.  For weeks now, the phone will arbitrarily and without warning display "Upgrading Firmware. Please do not unplug power.  Phone will reboot automatically".My clien...