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Call forward to Operator after Autoattendant timeout how-to?


I would like to setup Autoattendant so after greeting timeout, the call will forward to operator

I currently use lastest firmware 7.1 ea and CCA 2.0

Thank you

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Marcos Hernandez

What you are asking for is not currently possible on the AA scripts included with CCA 2.0. Mapping a DID (or trunk) to a B-ACD destination could somehow be used here, to automatically forward to an extension after some timeout, but then you would skip the AA greeting, which you want to have. You would also need hunt groups, which you probably don't need.

The CUE AA needs user interaction. BACD doesn't. Going straight to the latter skips the former's AA greeting. Makes sense?

Bottomline, we can't do it.


Marcos Hernandez
Technical Marketing Engineer
Cisco Systems, Inc.

Thank you for your advice, currently I was really confused between AA CUE and B-ACD. I would like to ask : do AA CUE Script co-exist with B-ACD, or I have to choose one of them.

And how to choose just B-ACD and disable AA CUE, so I could try to setup B-ACD

Thank you

What we recommend is that you front-end your inbound calls with the CUE AA and then from then on transfer to B-ACD AA. CCA 2.0 automatically configures a "drop-through" option that puts callers directly into the queue script that sends them to the hunt groups. There is no way to disable this drop through in CCA. You would have to disable it via CLI if you want to use BACD as a proper BACD (welcome prompt, etc.).

Let me emphasize again that we recommend going with the CUE AA for the front end.

Hopefully this helps,


So a caller that has no touch tone capability and cannot select from the CUE AA tree... what happens?

Are you saying there is no option for that caller?   No way to forward the call on the AA timeout to another number?

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