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Calls from cucm to CME not working-unknown number

Khurram Tariq

hi all

we have cucm 9.1 and gateway 2911 on the side A and on the side B we have uc540 , we have configured tunnels between 2911 and uc540, calls from cucm SideA to uc540 Side B is ok and working fine. now we have one 9951 phone which gets ip from uc540 (side B) and tftp is our cucm IP.9951 phone is registered in cucm and calls from cucm to that 9951 phones are working fine. now problem is call is one sided between uc 540 local extension and ip phone 9951.


9951 which is registered on cucm can call uc 540 user  but spa 504 phone which is registered on uc540 cant call to cisco 9951 phone gets error "unknown number"

i am attaching debug voice ccapi inout with this


kidnly help me to solve the issue ASAP



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How have you configured you UC520 to send calls to cucm.? The debug shows that the call is matching dial-peer 10. How is this configured? Is your UC520 configured in cucm as h323 gateway?

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i have configured this dial peer 10 today for route calls to cucm for extension 2002 which is reg is cucm.yes uc 540 is configured in CUCM as h3232 gateway.