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CCA 3.01 Crashes Uc540 randomly


I have seen this about 5 times or so now.  Every once in a while I open CCA 3.01 my system and it crashes my phone system.  I have software pack 8.1.0 and the IOS image is UC500-advipservicesk9-mz.151-2.T2 adn CME version 8.0.3.  Locale is US English.

All I do is open CCA, enter username and password for the Uc540 phone system and bang... all the phones stop getting power, all the data on the network stops.  The UC500 is nonresponsive.  I can not PING it nor communicate with it.  All the power is on the BOX and it has activity lights etc.

has anyone else experienced this?  I have to pull the power on the system and then it comes back up and I can open CCA and get into the Uc540 just fine. Then a few weeks or so will go by and I will open CCA a half a dozen times with no issues...  then one random day *bang*..again it goes down.  Today it happened... hence this post..

The first time I upgraded to 3.0.1 this happened to me.  It never happened before that..  since I was upgrading CCA to 3.0.1 I was going in often because I wanted to see the new features and message around with some T.37 Fax things... and it happened 3 times within the week...  I must have went in 10 or so times...  anyway... any feedback would be appreciated.

John Nikolatos

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David Trad
Rising star
Rising star

Hi John,

What would be great is if you could use a console cable into the system and then see what come sup on the terminal monitor messages when this happens.

I only suggest term mon because I would not even know where to begin with what debug to run, but if something comes up on the terminal monitor then it may indicate where to start.

Is this a possible option?



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