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Change the default voice vlan


We have a situation where voice vlan is vlan 2 at a client's site.  We want to insert a UC540 into the network and keep the same VLAN 2 for voice - from CCA 2.2.5 it doesn't appear to be an option.

please advise


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Yes you can.

I just tried this on a UC540 in CCA 2.2.6 and successfully change the Voice VLAN from 100 to 2. Although I was doing this in 2.2.6, this should work the same in 2.2.5. (Note: that this WILL cause disruption in your network, so do this during down time.) Make sure you're plugged directly into your UC540.

I'll post a Lab with screenshots on this later, but for now I'll give you the short of it:

  1. Create a new VLAN, naming it something other than "Cisco-Voice"
  2. In Telephony-->Voice-->Network Tab, Define this new VLAN as your new Voice Vlan. (You'll receive some warnings)
  3. in Switching-->VLANs, Resolve VLAN conflicts by clicking on the red boxes highlighted, and selecting the following drop-downs:
    1. Configure your new VLAN as 'Cisco-Voice'
    2. Delete Previous Voice VLAN
    3. Now Click 'Resolve' at the bottom
    4. Apply, OK
  4. Configure your UC540's Smartports with their new Voice VLAN information. (Configure-->Switching-->Smartports)
    1. Select EACH port, then click 'Modify' to choose your newly created Voice VLAN from the drop-down
    2. Click 'Apply', 'OK'
  5. All phones connected to these Switchports will now reboot, and successfully register on their new Voice VLAN.

Note: If you have an ESW expansion switch installed, the new Voice VLAN information will be configured for you automatically, and all phones attached  will also reset, and re-register)

Your UC540 is now configured on your new Voice VLAN.

The problem is this will not change is the IP source address under telephony-service.


In the example provided above, the ip source-address remains unchanged. ( port 2000) I believe the aim was to change the default Voice VLAN ID, and not the ip scheme? I suppose this would make sense if Pat was conforming to an existing voice subnet. However, even If this was the case, the voice subnet and ip source-address can still be defined during the Telephony Setup Wizard.

Nathan Compton

Unfortunately, this is not a change you can make with CCA 2.2.5.  You would have to use custom CLI configuration to accomodate this.


Adam Compton

I don't see this as an issue in 2.2.5, so go ahead and give it a shot?

If not, 2.2.6 is targeted to be released in a week or two as a maintenance release to 2.2.5.

(bug fixes, and apparently some additional features)


Thanks for the suggestions, will try the configuration after the wizard.

I just thought the CCA wouldn't pigeon hole me to DATA VLAN 1 , CISCO-VOICE VLAN 100.  Custom configuration should be whatever i want.  Hopefully this gets addressed in CCA 3.0, but will try with current release.

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