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Cisco SPA 504G repeatedly displays "Upgrading Firmware" ...


My client has a new Cisco SPA 504G with service from 8x8 -- no local pabx, 100% hosted.  For weeks now, the phone will arbitrarily and without warning display "Upgrading Firmware. Please do not unplug power.  Phone will reboot automatically".

My client says this is happening 2-3 times per day, every day.  She reports no upgrade failure message, but obviously something is amiss.  It even does it while a call is on hold.

Any ideas why this phone is doing this?  Can I log into the phone and disable any automatic updates that may be set?


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Tom Watts

Hi Robert, with my experience with 8x8 they need to make all changes. That phone is basically locked down.  You would need to contact their support.

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-Tom Please mark answered for helpful posts

Hi Tom, thanks for your answer.  Normally I would do that, but this phone was purchased outside of 8x8 so I don't believe they will support it.  That's why I asked here.

Except for this firmware thing I mentioned, the phone works fine.

If you're able to manually provision the phone then you can also load firmware to it. I'd recommend to load the 7.5.2 firmware then go to the 7.5.4 code afterward.

If 8x8 doesn't have it admin locked down, the firmware upgrade utility should work fine.

Here's the download link

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Thank you, Tom!  I'll visit my client and follow your advice.  I'll report back as to how that went and close this comment.



I've seen this behaviour myself. In my case it was this:

Most SPA's are shipped with old firmware images (7.4.x).

If you would upgrade firmware to say 7.5.3 it isnt possible to do that in one time. You *first* need to upgrade the firmware to 7.5.2b. After the phone is on 7.5.2b you can upgrade to a higher version.

If the upgrade rule doesn't check on current version the phone tries to load the latest firmware resulting in a failed upgrade. But at the same time the phones looks at the Resync_Periodic value. Say resync is set to 1 hour, every hour the phone sync, sees the new firmware and tries to upgrade. Upgrade is failing, phone reboots and the same thing is happening every hour.

To avoid this behaviour use the upgrade rule like this:

($SWVER lt 7.5.2b) ? t | t

This rule is telling: IF current firmware is lower than 7.5.2b load spa50x-30x-7-5-2b.bin ELSE load spa50x-30x-7-5-4.bin


Erik Dekkers

Jener Network Solutions

Thanks Erik for your addition to this thread.

My client in question is down with the flu right now, ug!  So I've not been able to visit her to test these fixes.  Hopefully she'll be better in a week or so and I'll do these firmware upgrades.

Thanks again to all who replied and I will properly resolve this thread once I've visited my client.


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