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Configuring UC560 to accept PLAR lines


I am having the darnest time with this, I installed a phone system at a  investment house and they have 12 broker lines that come in over PLAR lines, Initially I was told that i could pull the cable out of the smart jack and plug it in to the the T1/E1 VWIC. Of course that didnt go as planned. i am stuck as to what kind of configuring to do on the UC. In CCA i can identify it as E&M but cannot individually map out the channels of the PLAR in order to assign them to buttons.CCA will allow the mapping of incoming (1-12) and outgoing (13-24). I need to map each channel individually. Does anyone know how this can be accomplished? The PLAR provider says that there are "no numbers being dialed" so there is no way to map via number - has to be via channel anyone have any idea on how i can configure the UC520 to map to these static line on the T1.

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Hi John,

I’m not aware of any way to do this through CCA.  You may find this article helpful.  It deals with selecting specific B channels on the PRI.  I have never configured a UC500 like this though.  Usually the provider will use DID’s.  I hope this helps.

Thank you,

Jason Nickle

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