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Connecting the UC560 to a Two Loop Start Trunk Line


                   I just installed a new UC560 and am ready to convert from our old Panasonic DBS 84 system. The Panasonic is fed by 4 trunk lines that go into two RJ14 trunk connectors. so that each is a Two loop start trunk line plugged into the Panasonic. My question is do I need to modify the two lines in order to connect them to the UC560 and if so, how. If not where and how do I plug them into the UC560 and configue the incoming lines so that calls come in and go out similar to what we have now. Obviously I am new at this, so please forgive the blatant ignorance. Thanks I uplaoded the Panasonic manual if it helps.

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paolo bevilacqua
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You would terminate each line in an individual RJ11 connector, and fit them in the ports labelled FXO on the UC500.

Regarding configuration, if you are the end user, and you have no previous experience or certification, it would be much, much better that you engange a reputable consultant, or certified Cisco partner, because the UC500 is meant to administered by such a professional, and is not very user friendly.

Thanks, I really want to learn how to do this on my own. I know its easier and prbably more practical getting a pro in here, but so far I managing ok.

Is there a wiring guide on how to convert the wiring on the RJ11 so that I can connect them to the FXO port on the UC560.

Take a pair from telco, crimp into middle pins of an RJ11. That's it.

Thanks I'll give it a shot, worst case scenario, I call verizon to come fix my wiring job.

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