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Headset with SPA504G ????

James Harries

Hi Everone,

Has anyone tested a Plantronics headset with the new SPA504G ??? if so which one works or does anyone know of a compatable headset with these new SPA5XX IP Phones.

Many Thanks


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cindy toy
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Rising star


Maybe the Plantronics website can help you. Click here or you can click here to check out what we have posted regarding Plantronic headsets in the Small Business Support community.


Cindy Toy

Cisco Small Business Support Community Manager

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Yungi Chu

David Trad
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Hi James,

It depends on what you want, but what has been tested to work and I know work with the SPA-500 range is as follows:


  • CS60 with the handset lifter module, the SPA-500 phones are not HHC compliant so you need the lifter
  • CS70N again with the Lifter module
  • CS351N and again with the lifter module

I have not been able to test any of the other wireless ranges, basically we only ever buy what the customer can afford and they are the cheapest ones without blowing a budget.

Corded Headsets:

  • H251 with the 2.5MM connector adapter (Make sure you order that or you will get an RJ-11 version which will not work)
  • H251N, And the same again with the connector situation
  • H261 - Connector needs to be the 2.5MM
  • H261N - Connector needs to be the 2.5MM
  • HW251N - Connector needs to be the 2.5MM
  • HW261N - Connector needs to be the 2.5MM
  • H41 - Connector needs to be the 2.5MM
  • H41N - Connector needs to be the 2.5MM

If you want slightly cheaper headsets then the Jabra Corded headsets are normally about 10% cheaper (Well in my neck of the woods) but the Wireless CS60 is the most popular, the only issue is you might have problems getting it to work with the SPA-500S module if you put one on it, I am having great difficulties with that right now, but I am sure I will find a way around it.

Hope this info helps you out.



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I am not sure if you found what you are looking for but these headsets from Acoustical innovations work very well and are a bit less expensive.

For what it's worth.

We are going to order a few of these
anyone else using them?

I believe this model would work with the 7900 series phones.  For SPA series phones, you need a different jack, which is just a regular audio with a mic pin jack.  Look on the right side of the phone and check out the jack.  The SPA headphone has a jack like blackberry/droid/iphone phones do, just not stereo.

Thanks, compatibility has already been confirmed by product discription and a phone call.  I am asking if anyone else is using them?


For $20 these are a great deal I've used dozens of them and they work fine for light use. For call center installs I use something with noise cancellation, usually the Plantronics H series (the versions with the "N" are noise cancelling). As mentioned above you need to use a 2.5mm lower cable for the H series headsets to work with the SPA phones.

I think that first headset you mention is pretty much junk.  sounds horrible and breaks frequently.  We tried those and decided it was a waste of money.   the H series is pretty good. Just expensive for whaat it is.

We finally settled on the ones from AI headsets and they work very well and are almost half the price.  Doesnt take a rocket scientist to go that direction.

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