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Is there a version of WBP54G V2 Wizard Setup for Windows 7?



We use some WBP54G with SPA-2102. At the beginning, we had Windows XP so we were configuring the adapters with the Wizard Setup and all was fine.

But since we use Windows Vista or 7, when accessing step 6 in the wizard setup, the error "Communication Error, connection lost" appears and we cannot continue to configure the adapter. Already tried the compatibility mode but still not work.

On Cisco website, the earlier software version is 1.05.

Is there something to do or maybe a new wireless bridge to use?



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     As a support engineer we deal with this issue on a daily basis, unfortunately there is yet to be a wizard for the WBP54G that works in Vista or Win 7  nor do we have an ETA for an updated version.  In the mean time the best I can suggest is to continue to check our Cisco web site for new software versions every three months or so. For now our solution is to stick with the XP when doing initial configuration of the bridge, and monitor our support forums as engineers from tier 2 or even software engineers might clue us all in on an ETA for a compatible wizard version.

Best Regards


That is very frustrating!

Any chance they could mark the application as NOT compatible with Vista or W7? I mean in the download section of the site. I've spent a good couple hours convinced either the LAN port on my laptop was faulty, the device is faulty, my router is pants or that somehow I was missing some crucial step.

It would have been helpful to find a note on the support screen for the device itself.

I am sure you are busy doing many useful things (I do love my SPA942 so don't take this the wrong way) and the adapter is fairly old technology and not at the top of the list of "things we should support" but carrying a machine with XP around with me whenever I move location sort of defeats the whole portability I had in mind when I decided to buy the wireless bridge in the first place. Still now that I have set it up it works a dream. Much better then the old gaming adapter from a PS2 I'd jimmied up to act as a bridge.

I just purchased two of these devices and have the same issue with the configuration utility not running properly on Windows 7. It would have been nice if the product description or writing on the box said that it was not compatible with Windows 7 since I have spent significant time trying to get it to work. Does Cisco/Linksys have any plans to fix this issue? If so, I will hold onto the device, if not, I will return them. Please advise!


You can run it in Windows 7 as a Windows XP (Service Pack 2) program and it works. I have done it right now and it's working OK. Just right click the SetupWizard.exe, select properties and change the compatibility mode (my Windows is in Spanish, I don't know what the tab says in English). Easy to find. Good luck.




I tried the same and it doesn't work here. Always the same, the wizard runs but as soon as it comes to the screen where you select available adapter an error pops up "Communication error, connection lost" and it finds nothing.

Out of curiosity are you using Windows 7 Ultimate or one of the other editions?



I'm using Windows 7 Pro. I've searching how to do it and found this discussion yesterday. I've installed one yesterday and it's working. First time, I have the same problem like you. Then, I've tried what I said and I have had no problems after I marked it as a Windows XP application.

I´m attaching a jpeg with my compatibility configuration: it's in Spanish but I don't think it cans give you a problem. Good luck,



I tried the compatibility mode without success. So I guess I'll stop finding a solution to this problem. I really don't understand why they didn't program a new software compatible with Win Vista / 7. So thank you all for the replies and Andres, you are a lucky guy to be able to use it!!


Sylvain Moisan



like you guy´s i have tryed the same.. the thing to make it run in xp mode and disabling my firewall and antivirus, even tryed it on my laptop. nothing works.

what i dont understand is if you see details on the fill, it says that it is from 2005. i dont understand that there has not been a update in 5-6 years.??


Try Windows XP Mode inside Windows 7

Requires 7 Pro / Ultimate

Works perfectly into XP mode


We intall vmware with winxp as a virtual machine, in Mac OS 10.7. With the network card configured as "bridged" it worked like a charm.  I imagine that in windows 7 it should work fine too.

To my knowledge there has not been a version for Windows 7 released for the WBP54G.


Rick Roe

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