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MWI on SPA514g w\ Asterisk


I am using SPA514g (7.5.2) phones with Asterisk (Elastix) and am having a problem keeping the "Message Waiting" setting set to "Yes".

When this option is set to "yes" voice mail's light the MWI light as expected.

The problem is when I make a change in the Asterisk server and apply the configuration. As soon as the new configuration is applied the setting on each phone changes to "no" and the light stops working. I then have to go into the admin page of each phone and set this call feature agian.

Any assitance would be a great help.

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Dan Lukes
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

It seems not to be phone issue. If your Asterisk is ordering the phone to turn the Message Waiting to NO, then the phone have no option but follow the order. 


Your Asterisk needs to either:

  • order the phone to turn Message Waiting to YES


  • not touch Message Waiting option at all.


But how to do with your Asterisk's distribution I don't know. This is forum related to SPA IP Phones, not Elastix. You should ask in an Elastix-related forum ...


For your information, I just found that SPA514 displays the parameter "Message Waiting" in the Call Feature section in the Ext1 Label is always set to "no" though I've manually set it to "yes". The MWI works fine, so I guess it's just displaying a wrong value.

  1. What's firmware version you are speaking of ? Is it still 7.5.2 as mentioned in original question ? Did you tried a more recent firmware ?
  2. Please save current configuration to XML file (follow Extracting Configuration with spacfg.xml). What's the saved value of tag Message_Waiting_1_ ?



My current firmware is 7.5.6a for the SPA514 the web interface value is set to "no" though the value is set to "Yes" in the spacfg.xml

This seems to happen only in SPA514G, not in 504 or 525, but I can't make the MWI work on both of this models.

Catched SIP messages may help. If phone subscribe for MWI then the MWI is enabled.


Sorry, mail fault, I had a bad configuration on asterisk, phones work like a charm, but I'm still finding the web interface bug on SPA514, but that's not a big deal.


Glad to hear.


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