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New Features?

Paul Williamson

Just a very quick one directed to the Cisco staffers.

I've noticed quite a few threads regarding new features in which whatever feature is being requested, we are told that, it's being re-evaluated and/or not likely to be implemented in the short term.

Even if as a Cisco staffer you can't confirm which new features have now been re-evaluated and will be implemented in the short term, can you at least confirm whether or not ANY new features, (not bug fixes or changes that will make it easier/better to do things the UC320 does already, but actual NEW FEATURES which) have been committed to and DEFINATELY WILL BE IMPLEMENTED in the short term?

Just a real short reply saying "Yes X no's of NEW features are committed to and will be implemented" or a "No, there are no new features which have been committed to" would be great.



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Alberto Montilla
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Paul;

Thanks for your question. At this point, there are no new features committed to be developed under UC320 platform. As you said we cannot comment on features which are not committed internally. More information about this will be available soon.


Alberto Montilla

Manager, Product Management

Thanks Alberto,

The honesty is greatly appreciated.

So, there we have it the UC320W is what it is!



.. first entry removed ..

Hi Alberto

would be nice to know if some of the asking parts in the forum will come in the future.

Actually was we read is comming soon, will not be supported, you working on a WiFi phone.

But every entry is without a timeline...



I think that's a bit harsh Rolf.  I asked a question and Alberto gave us an honest answer.  I guess things have changed at Cisco over the past couple of years and as we know parts of the business are to be sold off.  I don't think anyone has ever deliberately lied to us.



maybe you have right Paul.

But somethimes im very unlucky then the system was bought in mind that the things that we need will come. I mean its Cisco and not a newcomer. They should know what they can do or even not.

i will update my post.



I agree Rolf - if you have a look at the UC320W Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

it is certainly implied that much of the features people are asking for are to be included in up coming releases. Maybe Christopher Edgeworth should edit that FAQ so people don't purchase the UC320W thinking that these features are to be included in the short term.

Telephony Questions:


Can I use my Cisco 7921/7925 WiFi phone with the UC320W?

No, these phones are not supported. A number of customers have connected a cordless DECT phone to the FXS port. Cisco is currently evaluating several cordless phone options for a future feature release.

Can I connect a SPA phone remotely or connect a teleworker phone?

As of the 2.2 firmware release, no. A teleworker solution is being evaluated for a future feature release. Firmware enhancements are required

Does the Cisco UC300 Series support multiple sites?

No, the Cisco UC300 Series does not currently support multiple sites.


Does the Cisco UC300 Series support any type of soft phone?

No, the Cisco UC300 Series does not currently support any Softphones; support is planned for a later release.

Hi Stephen,

I've updated the FAQ.



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