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SPA-303 Old Problem Much Discussed But Not Resolved - 'Checking DNS'



I hate to beat a dead horse as there are tons of posts about this problem, but I am one step away from chunking this phone.  The display is unable to do anything but show "CheckingDNS" ... despite multiple factory resets (which apparently aren't resetting anything,) adjusting parameters in the config GUI as I have seen on these forums, and even trying different switch ports.  No matter what I do, the phone ALWAYS says that.  If a factory "reset" doesn't do anything, what else can be done to this brick?



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Dan Lukes

Messages on display are here for end user. If you are end user, ask your administrator for help. If you are administrator, you should verify configuration of network parameters (and the state of network connection, it can be accessed from phone menu), you can capture network packets that are sent by phone - it may help you to analyze the issue ...

Your chances to identify whats wrong from just generic message on display are low. 

Thanks for your reply.  I am the admin, but I don't see where else you should post as I have read other messages about this here.  The main problem other than the display is that it will not factory reset.  Very simply, if it cannot even flush out it's own puny brains, is it nothing more than another linksh*t brick?


This is the correct place for question like this one. But if you wish for helpful answers, you need to disclose more than just single message taken from display.

You claimed "factory reset doesn't work". It's conclusion. Your conclusion. It may be correct, it may be wrong. Factory reset may be disabled by configuration. Factory defaults may be different than you thing (especially if you have OEM, not retail, unit). Phone may immediately fetch configuration from network so it's no longer in factory default configuration when you are analyzing it. I can't judge as I don't know what you did, why you thing it doesn't work, whats the network environment the phone is connected to ...


So, if you wish to discuss the issue:

1. describe steps you did

2. describe what you are expecting as the result

3. describe what does not meet your expectations


Do not say "I did reset, I expect the reset will be done, I'm frustrated because reset has not been done" - be specific enough, describe details. Do not forget to check network state of the phone (have it IP/mask/gateway address?, if yes, can you 'ping' it ?).


There's high chance we will identify the cause of the issue you are facing, but we can only help if we have something to analyze.

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