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SPA 500DS and UC500



since the new SPA 500DS attendant console should be widely available by now, I took a look into the recent CCA to see whether it is yet configurable. Unfortunatel I only saw the 500S and 500Sx2 options.

Is there any information if and when this cool new device will get supported by UC560?



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have been previously told this will not work

If that's no longer the case, it would be good ...

I tested them recently (forcing them as a SPA500S in command line -- SPA500DS is not a type option yet).

They do NOT work... the buttons themselves work just fine it seems, however the labels stay blank no matter what.

My guess on the reason is that the UC500 does not transmit button labels since it is not necessary with the 500S given that it is a paper label.

was told they are SIP-only, and only work when connected to SIP-configured handsets. So as a test, before buying a 500DS, I took a SPA504G and turned it into SIP, then plugged it back in to a UC-controlled LAN. Yeah, like that worked.

Problem it caused me at the time I can see happening again: it's on the website as available for the SPA500 phones - but seems it doesn't work on SPA500 phones that aren't SIP? My case was a customer saw it on website, and even though he only wanted half a dozen of them, he was not happy to hear they wouldn't work.


So from what I have read the SPA500DS is supported on the SPA5xx phones but only if they are SIP.

Can someone confirm if the SPA500DS works with an SPA5xx handset running SIP connected to a UC500?

************* Cisco - Poor show on not making this clear in your documentation ******************

I have one unhappy customer who wishes that they hadn't replaced their mitel with a Cisco SBCS

For a sure results with multi-button phones, use 7931, or 79xx with 791x modules..

I have a final difinitive answer for everyone here...  It's not good news.  I opened a TAC case with Cisco on this.  It turns out that the tech tried to convince me that it is all in black and white that the SPA500DS supports ONLY SIP, not SCCP.  The documentation he referred me to is as follows:

The first link simply mentions SIP, it does not deny SCCP and the second one is a little less vague.

My email converation with him went like this:

Hi Chris

My name is XXXX and I am the engineer assigned to your case.

The SPA500DS is for SIP deployments only.  UC500 use SCCP for SPA500 and 7900 series phone registrations.

Here we describe the SPA500DS capabilities noting that they are for SIP deployments.

Unfortunately there is no way to integrate the 500DS with a UC500. 

The workaround would be to use a 500S or a similar 7900 series phone with a 7916 side car.

Again I apologize for confusion and inconvenience.

Then I ask:

Is there an expected date to make it compatible or will someone offer this in BIG RED letters so that there is NO mis-interpretation?

We are going to attempt to upsell a customer to the 7900+7916

Final Response:

No sir, no expected date to work on the UC500.  I share your frustration about the documentation and would change it myself if I had the power.

The 500S is a written label.  The 7900 and the 7916 is the closest to the same functionality.

So that kinda puts the nail in that coffin.  For now...

I hope someone at Cisco marketing and product management realizes that the SPA500 is commonly used on the UC500 platform.  Wouldn't it be nice to offer products that look like the platform, walk like the platform actually talk like the platform?  Jus' sayin!

I recently changed my spa525g2 with one 500s to a 7965 with two 7914 sidecars. I asked some colleagues if they also wanted LCD sidecars and the declined. For sure it's less effort to just display the name than to print it out. But the 500s offers many buttons on a single page and laser colored prints make really look nice and clear.if your assistant prints and cuts the paper all is fine :-)

I also dislike the two page sidecars a design with more single page buttons would be much more helpful...



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