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spa122 firmware upgrade problems



I have had provision spa122 with new beta firmware spa122-1-2-0-028.bin.

In other topic i saw that spa122 is taking too long to provision. I figure out why is that so: every time (even if I put spa122 with latest firmware) spa122 upgrading firmware over and over again. Config files takes about 1-1,5 minutes and it is configured, but firmware upgrade takes about 7 minutes and here is the problem. I've tried everything...


Spa2102 upgrades firmware only 1. time provisioning, I need for spa122 to do upgrade only 1. time!

Please, HELP!

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Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

The taking too long to provision has been addressed by dev for the 1.2.0 release that will be coming out in a couple of weeks.  It should resolve the upgrade over and over issue...

Its been a few weeks, where are we on the new firmeware for this issue?


I have about a dozen of these units waiting for a stable version of the firmware to appear, meanwhile I am using a Grandstream alternative, which in fairness will probably stick with if the SPA122 continues on its current path, so, wher is ver.1.2.0..?


What Grandstream are you using?  I can't have my techs taking 20 minutes per job waiting for the 112 to upgrade, and we

are almost out of our pap2t's that worked great.

How are the Grandstreams at upgrading and configuring via http or tftp?

Hi, I am using the Handytone 502 (2 x FXS) , but also now have quite a few GXW4004/8 units which are great (4 and 8 x FXS), all easy to configure and none of the registration or quality issues we ahve in the current SPA range. Not so keen on the Grandstream IP phones but as far as the gateways are concerned they make a good alternative for the pap2t.


Is the firmware update coming out or do I start testing with another device?  If I change and it works we won't come back until they stop making them.


Worst part is I have over 100 of the spa112's sitting here that dont work.

Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

The upcoming release will be posted within 2 weeks.  Thank you.

Will that release include fixes to the DTMF problem that crept back into the Beta releases as well as the other issues? I've got, and that one's not quite ready for prime time.


SR 622606613

SR 622670889

SR 622670993

Are we still on track for a Friday release?

If not does anyone have a large number of PAP2T's they want to sell.  We will also do a trade of some useless spa112.

Firmware 1.2.1 was released on 13 Aug 2012. It is currently on the site

Fine, but please tell me what special military clearance I need to get passed the "Forbidden Download" message for both firmware and release notes? This really is getting beyond a joke!

Good question. What's even more disturbing is that I had to sign yet another Beta Firmware agreement Friday for version I tested that FW on Monday, and reported back the issues still present. They are supposed to be looking at three major issues I have tickets open for. Meanwhile, they released 1.2.1.??? on Friday - before they even sent me the link to pick up the Beta.

Dont upgrade to 1.2.1  I have have problems with every one that went into the field.  I left 3 plugged in in my lab over the weekend and 1 was down and would not reconnect.  It required a full reset to get it to connect.  I also have had 2 stop requesting DHCP   1.1.0 was a much better production firmware, we had issues provisioning it but never had issues in the field.  I have about 100 deployed so far we have never replaced on with 1.1.0 but have had to replace very one (about 10) that went out with 1.2.1

So, can we use this fw 1.2.1 or you do not recommend it??

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