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SPA122 Web Interface - Firmware Upgrade


I am trying to upgrade the firmware on my SPA122 from version 1.0.2 (006), but when I access the Firmware Upgrade page in the Web Interface the Choose File location button and the Upgrade button immediately grey out so that I cannot select the new Firmware file location.  I have tried using Chrome, IE and Firefox and cannot get it to work in any of them.  Any suggestions?

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Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

Check the voice tab and go to provisioning to see of the Upgrade Enable is set to No.

The Upgrade Enable is set to Yes, but I did manage to find a way to make it work. 

It appears to be a timing issue.  If you can click on the Choose File button within a second of the new page displaying the button works.  Any longer and the button greys out.  Once you have selected the upgrade file you have about the same time frame to hit the Upgrade button before that greys out - strange behaviour!

Anyway, I have now upgraded to 1.2.1 (004) although the behaviour on the Firmware Upgrade page appears to be the same as before.  I'll need to be quick to get the next upgrade installed when the time comes.

Hi David,

The "grey out" issue is related to using browsers other than IE with older ATA firmware which is pre 1.2.x.

Make sure that as Nelson suggested that upgrade is enabled and then try IE if you experience this again. Once the ATA has newer firmware (1.2.x) any browser should properly display the upgrade button properly.




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