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SPA502g Phones and Bad Call Quality



I have two users complaining about inconsistent call quality on their SPA502g phones. The phones are managed by a UC320w and I've tried adjusting the gain levels but to no effect. The users have explained that it sounds as if the person is either in a wooden room (complete with crazy acoustics), or the call fades out and in repeatedly causing the person on the other end of the line to sound really loud or really soft.

Is there anything that I can change on the UC settings, or should I contact our carrier?

Thanks for any insight.

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Tom Watts

Hi Greg, the first thing I'd recommend is to find out where the poor quality is at. Is it an extension to extension call? Or is it from your LAN to the outside somewhere else? Do both sides have quality complaints or does one side work fine while the other doesn't? Which side seems to be affected the most if any? Do inbound calls have a tendancy to have problems or outbound calls?

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Hi Tom,

Thanks for the reply.

The call quality seems to degrade when the user's are talking to the outside. I've tested from extension to extension and call quality sounds clear. I've made sure that the headset volume is up as well. I've called from an outside number to the IP phone and at the time call quality seemed fine. It seems like it may be an intermittent problem. Also, it seems only one side is affected by this. I can hear the speaker clearly from the outside, but from the inside, the user hears the call fading in and out on occasion.

- Greg

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