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SPA9000 MoH Issue


My apologies if this has been covered before (and yes I just spent the last 2+ hours looking for an answer).

My SPA9000 will play the built in music tune (which I will change later when it's all working) to all internal calls no problems, even landline coming in via the 3102. However it will not play my MoH for my SIP trunks/lines.

Obviously both the phones and 9000 have the music server set to imusic for internal calls to be fine. I've tried setting both the media proxy and lvs proxy to yes after reading some other notes and still have no luck.

Help please.

Also, what type of LIU do I need to stream off a radio hooked to FXS2 and if I setup fxs2 as a SAS can I listen to the radio on my phone whilst not on a call? If so, by dialling FXS2? Back when I had my NEC Ranger DK system I used to love having the ambiant radio / music in the background from the phone late at night.

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Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

You can run an ethereal trace or debug log to see if the 200 OK sent back to the spa9000 from the outside contains 'a=inactive'.  If so, that's why you aren't hearing moh.  It should show 'a=recvonly' so the outside will hear the moh.

In the SIP tab in the spa9000 and the spa phones, there's a parameter called 'RFC 2543 call hold' which sets the Invite to hold ip address to if yes and sets it to the spa9000 ip address if set to no.  Try the 'no' settting to see if the 200 OK will now contain the 'a=recvonly'.

I will look into trying a debugging server/service. However in the mean time I tried switching that RFC option on both the handsets and the 9000 with no change.

When I take someone off hold they can hear the MoH for a second or so before the line comes clear to talk again (as if the VSP on hold is somehow over-riding my MoH with a different sound result per VSP (when dialling the DID of my second VSP I get their MoH).

Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

It's possible that the service provider has their own MOH feature, you may want to check into that...

Yes, infact with one of the VSPs (what's the true term here, VSP or IPTSP?) the whole problem is that when I place a customer on hold, they get the VSP's MoH and not my MoH which is what I'm trying to fix. The other VSP just has blank silence .



     Are you using your on hold music through the FX ports or have you TFTP'd your music on hold upto the SPA9000 itself?     I have attached a PDF article to this posting that I used in the past to get the on hold music to work, music other than the original music.

Hope this helps..

MoH through the FXS (SAS) will be the next challenge once I can find the interface lead someone on the web. At the moment I'm looking at using the internal tune/melody/whatever.

I know there is currently a tune there because it works between internal phones (eg. ext 103 -> 104) and works when the landline rings (comes via an SPA3102 as ext 199) so when I put a landline call on hold the calling party hears the internal MoH tune.

Once I get ALL lines/trunks running on the same MoH system I can upload a better more customised tune whilst waiting for an SAS interface lead.

It should be noted that as each of the SIP trunks are taken off hold that each can hear the internal MoH for 1/2 a sec to a sec in length (just enough to know it's there somewhere).

Jack Germanos

Good Luck; I have spent about 100 hours + many many phone calls and emails to Cisco Level 1,2,3 Engineers to get MOH working with external callers. Cisco ended up giving up... I tried internal I music and FXS was streaming to no avail. I'm about to set up another SPA 9000 deployment for my wife's Salon one of her request is music on hold....

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