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two cisco spa525g2 with the same sip to ring at the same time


hi, all


I have purchase two SPA525G2 phones. both are on the last firmware.

I setup SIP info and both phones are working.

I don't have a UNIFIED device and not planning to purchase one.


the question is how can I setup both phones (more than one, in case I need to add additional phones) to ring at the same time????

as of now only the last registered phone will ring, but I can use the second one to make outgoing phone calls.


and the second question is how can I setup extension numbers and call one phone from another?


your help is appreciated

thank you,


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Unfortunately that behavior is by design for the SIP protocol.

If you are happy to try a DIY approach you could install Asterisk or another free PBX solution on some spare hardware. This will then give you maximum flexibility over that sort of thing. It becomes more useful the more phones/external numbers you have

You can establish the SIP registration for on the Asterisk server, and then ring any number of internal phones that you choose there is an incoming call by adding a simple dialplan entry utilizing the Asterisk 'Dial' Application, eg:


exten => 123456,1,Dial(SIP/11&SIP/12&SIP/13,300,tT)

Is Asterisk free?

What will be a typical installation topology?

Can I install it on a Window box, as I don't have any experience with Linux.

Can I keep my Cisco phones? or I need to purchase other types

Unfortunately that behavior is by design for the SIP protocol.

I disagree. SIP protocol doesn't limit the number of devices registered with the same credentials as far as I know. Such limit (if any) is implementation dependent. If more than one device registration is supported, then all devices should ring (note that Asterisk doesn't allow multiple registration at the same time).

This notice will not help cg, of course. If it's provider allow just one registration only, then two phones can't be registered at the same time directly. A intermediate switch, like Asterisk or so is required - as you suggested,


I like this one better. I will call my provider to see if I can register two or more devices at the same time.



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