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UC320w and Remote Desktop Connection


I have a brand new UC320w setup and prior to this installation I had Linksys WRT54G and I was doing some self-study Windows OS with remote desktop (RDP) into a test machine used for studies. However, after installing UC320w I can no longer RDP into or even ping the test machine even though it shows up as one of the DHCP clients on the UC320w. This is LAN to LAN and should not be blocked by any means.

Any ideas what is causing this and how I need to get RDP through again?


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Christopher Edgeworth
Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor


Are both computers directly plugged into the UC320W?  Do you by chance have an ESW 500 switch that hasn't been upgraded to 2.1.19 in the network?  What is the network topology?  Are the PC's plugged into the back of the phones or directly into a switch?

Can both of the computers access other internet resources?



Thanx for the prompt response. My laptop is connected to the UC320w via WiFi and the test computer is directly connected via ethernet. No switches yet and they can both get to the internet.

Isn't LAN access to ANY network set to ALLOWED by default or why else will this be blocking? And where can one view/access the firewall rules besides port forwarding?


Are both PCs on the same subnet?

You don't have the WiFi PC associated with the VOICE SSID by chance?

Are you using static or DHCP IP addresses?

Correct, LAN to LAN there are no firewall rules or filtering.


Yes, the laptop is and the test PC is and all other settings; Default GW, DNS, Subnet Mask, and DHCP Srvr are all the same on both machines.

Anything I should be looking for in the UC320w Syslog for RDP?

I was just able to get into the test machine. It was the Windows Homegroup prompt on the test machine that usually requires that one selects what kind of network it is once you connect to a new network device; Home, Work, or Public so it can apply the appropriate network security, so it was blocking access to the machine until the desired network selection is made because for instance under "Public" remote access to such a machine is restricted. I had to walk all the way to the test machine to check on it and surely that was the issue.

Thanx for the prompt responses.

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