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UC320W external paging to Bogen speakers


I have a customer purchasing a Cisco UC320W, SPA 8800 gateway, and several SPA504G phones.  Right before closing the deal the customer asked about external paging.  It's a small pharmacy and they'd like to be able to pick up the SPA504G phone and page to overhead speakers. These overhead speakers would normally be playing siruis radio throughtout the store. 

Has anyone proposed a Bogen paging system with the UC320W?  I think with the gateway it will all talk together.  Please confirm if you've done a similar install or if you've ruled this out because of poor performance- thanks!

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Philip Denton


First, a disclaimer:  I just started installing my first UC320W today; however, I've had a decent amount of experience with enterprise telephony and analog integrations.

That said, I'm not sure how well the plain paging output on the UC320W will integrate with your Bogen system.  Since the output provided by the UC320W is "audio only" I'm unclear as to the Bogen needs to be configured to initiate the page.  AUX port maybe?  In my (enterprise) experience we've always preferred FXO then FXS as the preferred paging adaptor types so I've never gone the plain audio route myself.

I'm curious to hear what other people have to say though.  The UC320W has a dedicated paging port out there and the UTI-1 has every feature a phone guy could want in a paging adaptor so I'm sure the two can work together somehow.  I'd give Bogen a call - (in my experience) their sales guys are really helpful in validating proposed designs for you.

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