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UC320W FXS port and wireless handsets

Stephen Wyndham

Is anyone else experiencing issues with the UC320W and the FXS port? I'm on my second replacement for the UC320 (3rd unit in total) due to the FXS port failing and it is now causing issues again rendering the Uniden cordless handsets inoperable on the FXS port.

The pattern is the same each time; the unit works fine for a couple of months and then call issues start to manifest with the remote connection unable to be heard on the phone connected to the FXO port. This is the case whether the call originates from the internal IP phones (SPA504G) or an external caller. The resolution for this issue is a restart of the UC320W which works for a little while until the FXS port completely fails and no call can be made in or out.

I have used two different handsets but am getting the issue repeated on each occassion.

The easy resolution would be for a SPA wireless handset as I wouldn't be required  to use the FSX port but who knows when that will happen.

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Hi Stephen,

When you experience the issue, could you please try with a simple analog phone instead of cordless phone? If it doesn't work, please perform FXS/FXO loopback testing in Configure Utility at Status->Support Tools->FXO/FXS Loopback. If the testing is failed, some numbers displayed on the screen will be in red color, and it indicates the FXS hardware issue.

Best regards,

Wendy Yang

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