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UC500 Voicemail Features

John Shen


I have a potential customer is a doctor's office. They want to know if the voicemail can accept the voicemail and have the caller dial the call back number, the information either to be sent to the doctor via email or text message.

The main reason would be the caller ID would not be good enough because it would not show the extension number from the hospital, the voicemail is not clear enough.

What about text to speech?  Cisco solution or third party?



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David Trad
Rising star
Rising star

Hi John,

The features I am aware of are the following:

  • Voice Mail to E-mail: This sends to you the voice mail deposit in a .WAV file, this file can be listened to on a Mobile device as well as the Computer, and in the message you are advised of the callers number if this has been captured, at times you may see the caller ID in the body of the e-mail as well (Not sure if the latest CUE does that).
  • The ability to call the caller back: When you log into the voice mail it asks you if you want to call the user back, this only works if the number has been captured
  • Ability to forward a voice mail: After you log into your VM you can forward a voice mail to another VM internally, good little feature if the voice mail is useful to someone else

I am still searching for the third party company who does the speech-to-text for CUE, there are Cisco and third party ones for Cisco Unity, however I have only ever seen one for Cisco Unity Express (but I am sure there are more out there).

As soon as I find the company I will post it up here for you.



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Hi, David,

Thanks for your reply.

One problem is the caller ID usually only showes the caller's Hospital or Nursing home's main number, it would not have the extension number. So this information might need to be engered manually through phone's dial pad, like the old day's we were sending the pager. The problem with voicemail is because of the accent sometime requires voicemail to be listened multiple times before we can capture the right phone number.

Any of you have any experience with IPCelerate? Do they still provide solution for UC500?

Thanks for your input!


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