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UC560 - Forward existing voicemail to another


I am about to put in a UC560 for a client and she just told me that she wants to be able to basically forward a voicemail from her voicemail to some other user voicemail on the system. She says that if someone leaves a voicemail for someone in the wrong voicemail box she wants to be able to forward it to the right person's voicemail box. They apparently can do this with their current phone system.

I cannot find anything refering to this. Anyone have any idea how to accomplish this? I am using SPA504 and SPA509 phones and they will have CallConnector Advanced Client on their computers as well if that helps any.

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paolo bevilacqua
Hall of Fame Master Hall of Fame Master
Hall of Fame Master

After listening to a new message, press 5. Then you are given some options on how to forward. All are announced by the CUE help system, and is in fact a very easy operation.

Plus, if you want to compose the extension of the person instead of having to spell the name, you press ##

So you hear the message, press 5, then ##, then the extension.

But as Paolo said, you only have to hear the message, then wait for the instructions, everything will be said there : how to save the email, how to delete, how to transfer...

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