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Unable to log out of hunt group / Main call flow options

Philip Denton

I have a client whose call flow is as follows:

Main number -> Floating Extension (for day/night toggle) -> Auto Attendant -> Option 0 for Operator ->  Hunt Group 1 -> Hunt Group 2 -> General Voicemail

x501 - Hunt Group 1 - currently only contains the main Receptionist, rolls to x502

x502 - Hunt Group 2 - currently only contains the "backup" receptionist(s), rolls to GDM

I created it this way so the client could add additional backup receptionists as seasonal call volume ebbs and flows.  The only problem is when the main receptionist goes to lunch.  Call Forward behavior of an ephone-dn in a hunt group is ignored so the receptionist is unable to forward her calls (arriving as a result of the Auto-Attendant) to a backup receptionist when she's away from her desk.  I thought the HLog softkey would allow her to remove herself from the hunt group but it's greyed/inactive out on her phone so either I'm missing something or that option is out as well.

How are other companies with SBCS covering their main DIDs?  What's the best way to allow the main receptionist to temporarily remove herself from this call flow?  My company is only a Select partner so unfortunately any proposed solutions must be configurable via CCA...



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Dennis Bigelow
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Phil,

You are correct, the HLOG is for that user to log out of the hunt group.The HLOG button should not be greyout. Is this the only phone that the HLOG key is greyed out?

Dennis, honestly I haven't checked other phones as this user is the only one who needs to be able to log out of her hunt group!  Is there any chance the SBCS won't "let" her log out of the HG since she's the only one in it?

In order to logout of the hunt group does the user need to do anything other than press the HLog softkey while the phone is idle?

Thanks again,


You can have one user in a hunt group. Is there any other hunt groups programmed on the UC? Is the backup receptionist hlog key greyed out?

All the user has to do is press the HLOG when the phone is idle and they will see a message telling them they are logged out of the hunt group.

Dennis, the only other Hunt Group is the one containing the backup receptionist(s).  I am not on-site today so I'll have to check the other HLog key tomorrow.

If the backup receptionists button is not greyed out, you may want to try changinging the template of the main receptionist. If that doesn't work then delete the phone from CCA, factory reset the phone and then add it back with just a basic configuration.

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