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Using speed dial button as paging on provisioned 525g's

Bryan Tintes

Hello everyone!

We recently switched to a hosted phone provider with provisoning for our 2 SPA525G2's but still want to maintain an internal paging function between them using a speed dial button. For less confusion, lets call in ex5.

I have successfully created a dial plan and am able to dial *96 + extension number to activate the paging system. My objective is to just hit ex5 and having it automatically activate the paging function.

I feel I'm very close but need help with the last step.

Please help!

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Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

put in the dial plan <5:*965>

Thanks for your response!

Question, wouldn't that use my provisioned phone system still? How could I directly dial the LAN side IP?

I currently have (<5:5@>S0|xx.<:@>) which allows me to call the other phone but not page it.

Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

Oops, I didn't see "internal" aspect.

To direct dial, you'd have to do what you did.

Since you are already using 5 for direct dial, maybe you can substitute another digit.  Like <3:*965@>

Feels like we are getting close but I'm still getting an invalid number error when I dial it.

Sorry for resurrecting a dead thread, but I still have the same question, which wasn't answered here, and I couldn't find anything here or in Google:


How can I put the SPA525G2's internal LAN-based paging function (the one that *96 invokes by default invokes) on a phone or attendant call button?


As the OP was trying to get across, just using "fnc=sd;ext=*96123@$PROXY" (or without "@$PROXY") sends a dial command to my VoIP provider; it does not invoke the Cisco internal extension paging function. 


Interestingly enough, if I have a group page defined (I'm using the default group "800"), this command does work:  "fnc=sd;ext=800".  But group pages are of limited utility because of the many limitations.





Doesn't it always work this way... I've fought this for 4 hours. I posted my query here as a last resort, and then I thought, "I wonder what would happen if I used "*96#123" instead of just "*96123..."


The answer is, it works.  I'll leave this up hopefully to save someone the 4 hours.

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