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Danny Servantez Jr
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Hall of Fame Cisco Employee


Q&A Session for Unlocking BYOM in a Webex Environment

Date: 2022-2-16


Q: ­I am interested in supported, certified, tested (by the Subject Matter Experts) USBC transmitters and receivers to get signals to/from codec on a wall to a user’s position at a table (sample through floors and walls). 

A: ­Hi Brian, Inogeni has a list of supported extenders on their site­

A: ­­

A: ­With a USB-C computer, you need a dongle to separate HDMI and USB-A into two separate wires.­



Q: ­When will the USB Camera Convert to HDMI be available?­

A: ­The U-CAM (USB to HDMI) will be available this Spring, but we have Demo available now.­



Q: ­Is this solution supported by Cisco?­

A: ­USB Passthrough - using macros - uses Community Support.  In the future, the Inogenit will be supported natively in the operating system, and at that time Cisco TAC will support the solution.­



Q: ­I thought Room Kt Mini does not have USB Passthrough­

A: ­the Room Kit Mini supports USB Passthrough natively.­



Q: ­Does INOGENI converters offer the same quality as the Webex endpoint camera?­

A: ­Yes for the Loopout is Same as HDMI input and on the USB 3.0 Output is up to 4K UHD



Q: ­Is this solution Cisco TAC supported?­

A: ­At this time the USB passthrough solution is Community supported, once we integrate this in the OS, then TAC will support it.­



Q: ­is possible share this presentation?????­

A: ­Hello Juan, We will be posting the recording, slides, and Q&A in the Webex Community Post for today's event here -->­



Q: ­Is this device TAA compliant?­

A: ­Yes, TAA compliant­



Q: ­I'm sure the url to download the script(s) will be available later. Any chance it can be posted here in the Q&A? Or shown again?  Thanks.­

A: ­This is the link to the Cisco community for the current macros and conversation­


Q: ­Distance limitation of the USB cable? from wall unit to conference table?­

A: USB 3.0: 2 meters  /  USB 2.0: 5 meters



Q: ­Any plans to convert USB cam to USBC?   some laptops only use USBC inputs.  Would have to convert twice in this case. ­

A: We show some certified TYPE-C adapters in the presentation.



Q: ­For the 4K - Firmware upgrades are addressed through the USB port?­

A: ­Yes, firmware upgrades are through the USB port using Inogeni's Control App­



Q: ­the attenuador cable for the audio is mandatory?­

A: ­The attenuator cable is not necessary when using inogeni products­



Q: ­What about Webex Room 55, could it use 1 HDMI cable for audio and video with the converter?­

A: ­The Room 55 Single requires a separate audio cable and HDMI cable.­



Q: ­can we use the cisco codec without any cisco smartnet license and also no cucm or cisco control hub. like using the codec standalone just for BYOM and we no longer need to connect to cisco webex. is that possible?­

A: ­Yes, the selfview functionality that this uses does not require that the codec be registered to any call control­



Q: ­Will the video demo be posted somewhere publicly where it can be shared?   That was an excellent demonstration which would be helpful in explaining the solution to customers.­

A: ­Hello Jeff, We will be posting the recording, slides, and Q&A in the Webex Community Post for today's event here -->­

A: ­We will also embed the demo video in the post as well!­



Q: ­Hey Bobby, had a feeling I might see you here It looks like the 4KX-PLUS solves the power issue we ran into previously when needing to extend the USB?­

A: ­Yes, the 4kX Plus can be powered independent of the computer, so this resolves issues with dual display systems when a computer is not connected­.

You are correct that it’s more reliable to extend USB when the 4KX is NOT powered from  the USB extender since the 4KX is powered externally.



Q: ­are the 4KX-Plus will be available to order through Cisco CCW?­

A: ­No, Inogeni devices will be sourced outside of Cisco, I hear BTX is a great distribution partner :)­‑

A: ­For international  sales please find your country here



Q: ­When you disconnect the PC, does it automatically exit USB mode?­

A: ­Yes, the USB mode macro is designed to disable USB mode when it detects not HDMI input source­



Q: ­Are there any plans for the Inogeni capture devices to have the macros embedded within them?­

A: ­The macros will be integrated within RoomOS on the Cisco devices, as they are native to our products, they do not function with other vendors products­



Q: ­Hi, not shure to understand where the microphone data pass from the codec to the inogenie device...­

A: Depending on your codec, the microphone audio is either inserted in the HDMI signal going to the 4KX, or send out of the codec through the analog audio output and captured by the 4KX on its analog audio input.



Q: ­for existing SX80, we will still need to load the macro ?  ­

A: ­Yes, the macro is still required for all platforms at this time.  We are working toward integrating into RoomOS­



Q: ­will there me anything to upgrade the DX80 for focus rooms?­

A: ­DX80 not applicable for this project­



Q: ­Awesome. Is there a preferred USB extender (when required)?­

A: ­­



Q: ­Is this available on Solutions Plus or any plans to add it in the future?­

A: ­Not available at this time, and current plan is to source through partner distribution, like BTX­



Q: ­do the adapters just shown only carry hdmi (for content audio and video sharing) when the codec is not in Passthru Mode?­

A: ­Brian - the HDMI input to the codec - for presentation video and audio - bypasses the capture device.  It is a normal presentation cable with embedded audio.­



Q: ­Are there any laptop spec recommendation in terms of CPU, RAM, Graphics card to be used with the INOGENI converts?­

A: ­Inogeni converters act as USB cameras, so it doesn't require more power than handling a standard USB camera.­



Q: ­Cable length imitations?  Looking to have it at table and run cables from table to AV rack.­

A: ­Mike - we have recommendation for extenders.­



Q: ­Any answer on weather 4k Plus TAA compliant?­

A: ­Yes, all our products are TAA compliant.­



Q: ­This was great - showing us product that work great with our Webex solutions! Would appreciate more of events like this.­

A: ­Thank you Rikard! Always appreciate you joining us, and we will continue to bring these types of events to the Webex Community.



Q: ­in room os 11 - macro automatic appear when inogeni is connected ?? or we need enable in control hub for example ?­

A: ­When the integration is complete in RoomOS, the Cisco device will detect the Inogeni and enable support­



Q: ­Would like to see the room kit plus diagram again.­

A: ­Bruce - the Room Kit Plus DOES ACTUALLY REQUIRE A SEPARATE AUDIO CABLE.  We have published many drawings for this already.­

A: ­Hello Bruce, we will be posting the recording, slides, and Q&A in the Webex Community Post for today's event here -->­



Q: ­will there be a firmware upgrade through the Webex devices on the Inogeni­

A: No, the Inogeni can only be upgraded through its USB 3.0 port.



Q: ­so I could use a crestron uc-c100 (MTR that doesn't come with mic speaker and cam)) and use a webex plus and use mic speaker and camera.  without having to touch the cisco touch screen to use it on the MTR could it always share it. (I don't want 2 touchscreen on the table to not mix up user­




Q: ­John - will the macro integration work with other vendor like Vaddio?­

A: ­The initial engineering is built for supporting the Inogeni device­‑



Q: ­Do we have to be running Room OS or will ce software work as well?­

A: ­It will require RoomOS 11.­



Q: ­Are Inogeni products TAA Compliant?­

A: ­Yes, all our products are TAA compliant.­



Q: ­how do you apply for a demo unit­

A: Please contact BTX, our US distributor at

­For international  sales please find your country here



Q: ­Do you have any European partners? Where we can buy 4KX-PLUS­

A: ­Yes, we have a distributor in almost all EU countries. Please visit our website or email­‑

A: ­Also, stay on the lookout for another event coming in March targeting the European time zone! You can subscribe to our Webex Community Announcements here --> ­



Q: ­Any plans to extend USB passthrough support on the Panorama ?­

A: ­This is being worked on, Panorama has special configs that don't allow for the same techniques.­



Q: ­Do the certified adapters supply power also to windows and MACs­

A: Yes, the certified adapters can provide power to the laptop.



Q: ­Will we be able to see/configure the inogeni device from the Webex control hub? As in, will the device appear in the workspaces or do you only technically know it's there because of the macro?­

A: ­No, this is not a device that gets registered to Control hub­­... and won't be seen as an accessory­



Q: ­How would I go about wiring in the 4KX if I already have the room kit going through a AV rack and matrix switcher?­




Q: ­inogeni product can be buy through cisco CCW in a near future?­

A: ­Not planned for CCW­



Q: ­Thank you, follow-up to Panorama any tentative timelines around it?­

A: ­No ETA, testing will determine release when stable



Q: ­Is there a different Inogeni device for Room Kit, other rooms vs the 4kx for the pro and plus­

A: We recommend using the 4KXPLUS for all configurations, although for one-screen setup, the 4K2USB3 could be used. Please see wiring diagrams in the documents.



Q: ­What about SX20 and MX300? I saw that Mx800 is supported­

A: ­SX20 and devices based on same platform like MX300 are not supported for this integration­



Q: ­Are there any plans to include the macros in CE software at all?­

A: ­Only RoomOS11­



Q: ­when OS11 is released and installed. will it break other USB passthrough installations? (e.g. Magwell)­




Q: ­Is there a video recording of this session available, I could only join late and so playing catchup, we use Magewell and Vaddio USB passthrough ­

A: ­Hello Lee, you will be receiving a follow up with the recording to today's session and we will also be posting the recording, slides, and Q&A in the Webex Community Post for today's event here -->­



Q: ­Sorry I joined late. With the enhancements on Room OS 11 for native join experience, would we not need this hardware in future?­

A: ­This is dependent on the hardware platform having native USB passthrough support, RoomOS 11 alone does not enable any additional functionality on the existing hardware­



Q: ­Currently we have USB passthrough in place using Vaddio and Magewell , what is different about this solution? ­

A: The 4KXPLUS is a smaller, more cost-effective, and more simple solution in most cases and works in all scenarios without requiring audio attenuation cable and HDMI splitter.

Inogeni products are made and supported in CANADA and are TAA-compliant.


The 4KXPLUS is a USB 3.0 device transmitting uncompressed video but is also USB 2.0 compatible with integrated high-quality MJPEG encoder for more simple USB extension with minor loss of video quality.



Q: ­if we  have loaded the  macros before the Room OS 11 is available, would the upgrade to  the Room Os 11 , remove the macro  already loaded?  meaning the upgrade will remove any  conflicts with the existing macro? I assume so.  ­

A: ­This Inogeni device is specifically to address USB functionality in the devices that don't natively support it­



Q: ­Do they both supply power to Windows and MACs. ­

A: ­The Inogeni capture devices we are discussing today do not provide power to the laptop­

The Type-C adapters that are proposed can supply power to the laptop.


Q: ­Will the inogeni devices work with this new Teams feature front row? and the intelligent cameras?­

A: ­We do not integrate any changes into the softclient in use, this solution will just show up in the camera and microphone sections of the settings.  So, features like Front Row will not be affected­



Q: ­We are invested in Cisco but we have several Poly Microsoft Teams Rooms, does Inogeni work with Poly Microsoft Team Rooms for USB pass-through?­

A: ­This question is out of scope for this discussion, please contact Inogeni direct for this query­

A: ­The 4KX-PLUS could work with any HDMI sources and convert it to USB. I don't have the answers for this specific Poly product, but our support team could answer this specific question -­‑



Q: ­Will it work with a Crestron AirMedia since we are using them to share content?­

A: ­Hi Mike - I don't know the answer there.­



Q: ­Any way to have a spark kit plus or mini act as a USB Camera? Kind of Like the Mini?  My apologies if this was discussed before.­

A: ­The Inogeni solution we are discussing is specifically designed to address the USB passtrough functionality that some of out other devices do not include natively...­



Q: ­any test with blackboard collaborate solutions?­

A: ­No, this is not something we have tested with­



Q: ­Next time can we plz have European partners at the event to so we can have a demo unit­

A: ­Hello Kristian, we are working on another event coming in March targeting the European time zone! You can subscribe to our Webex Community Announcements here --> ­

A: ­Hi, the presentation will be done also for the European MArket. EUROPEAN REGION

­A: ­the 4KX-PLUS is available now world-wide. for Demo outside of USA please contact­



Q: ­For the full time USB Passthrough Mode, I have three questions:

Will it still perform basic screen sharing as well?

Assuming regular internal DN calling from the codec won't be possible if in full-time USB mode?

The settings needed for this in web admin are different to what is normally set for USB mode?­




Q: ­can you minimize self-view to see presentation on both screens­

A: ­No, because we are mirroring that output, you minimize the self-view you affect what is sent to the capture device­



Q: ­but the USB passthrough will be work with any platform as a USB camera right?­

A: ­yes­



Q: ­Is there a way to autodetect attached laptop and then auto enable usb passthrough? ­




Q: ­so user is zero touch and controls meeting from their BYOM laptop device­

A: The autodetect is not currently implemented, but we are looking into it.


Q: ­Can I "zoom" and do a Webex session at the same time (ie a hybrid conference  of Cisco and  Zoom participants?­

A: ­No, you cannot use both "sides" of the system.  It's either a Webex call or USB mode­



Q: ­do you have wiring diagrams for that?­

A: See LINE DRAWINGS and setup Guide For USB Passthrough – with Inogeni 4KX-PLUS at table (PDF)



Q: ­does this add any usb hops and have you ever tested extending the usb out of these devices via a icron usb extender set­

A: The 4KXPLUS adds a single USB device to your USB tree. Icron extenders were tested successfully with the 4KXPLUS, but not in a Webex setup specifically by Inogeni. 




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