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Javier Contreras
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee



    7.6.110.x Available

    May 2: Final version has been posted to CCO. Beta process is over


    For any new issue during this test, please write to, pre-existing problems would be directed through normal TAC support channels, the image is TAC supported until CCO release of final code

    Image types

    AS_5500* can be used for Wism2/2500/5500 controller types
    AS_7500* can be used for 7500/8500
    AS_CTVM can be used for vWLC

    Changes included on this release

      Support for AP700w/2700
    CSCun71909 ap702W Tx Utilization showing 100% w/ few clients and only ping traffic
    CSCun19267 multicast fails with 1130 & 1240
    CSCul55232 7500 crash during test of validation of snmpv3user lifetime on HA
    CSCun95909 1240 & 1130 telnet ssh config change fails
    CSCul45107 WLC silent crash - Kernel Dump -
    CSCul82199 WLC Crash when changing interface group config on
    CSCun79357 Daisy Chain configuration unable to exceed 90Mbps backhaul xfer rates
    CSCul00381 WLC: DHCP w/VLAN pooling takes too long to switch vlans
    CSCuh72474 Interface inside a group gets Dirty due to DHCP flood by client and NAK
    CSCui01948   PI:SNMP operation to Device failed Table too large, possible agent loop
    CSCuc68995   Webauth fails on segmented HTTP GET
    CSCun27153   Treat ff02::2:ffxx:xxxx/104 as link local multicast
    CSCud50209    Crash on field manipulation for mgmtuser_create.html
    CSCul30107    Wism2 crash due to DP failure on
    CSCul35980  WISM2 silent crash on code
    CSCul78541   AAA override client gets assigned to dynamic interface on roam on 7.4mr2
    WiSM2 does not process fragmented client certificate
    CSCum46098  HA false switch over due to keepalives loss possibly in the kernel stack
    CSCum91313  WISM2 Crash
    CSCun12965  Lightweight AP should not send jumbo frame by default
    CSCuh52238  DFS Falsing from Broadcom Radio Emissions
    CSCun20263    Silver: 1530 fresh non-root doesn't join with root in low dBm
    CSCuj58556    ap3500 lose names & configs w/ failover, malloc failure in NSI
    CSCum68676  ap3700 still advertises VHT IEs but with length 0 when 11ac disabled
    CSCui73764    Flex mode APs 1130 & 1240 series, will not pass traffic, on some wlans
    CSCul16796    EAP certificate transmission fails with vWLC running 7.5, with low PMTU
    CSCul33755  WLC's not responding back to Apple clients that send out Unicast ARP's
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