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Javier Contreras
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

8.0.102.x Available - 8.0MR1 Beta

8.0MR2 is now in beta; see .


December 22

Final build posted to CCO., beta is closed

Thanks for your interest!



For any new issue during this test, please write to, pre-existing problems would be directed through normal TAC support channels, the image is TAC supported until CCO release of final code


Image types

AS_5500* can be used for Wism2/2500/5500 controller types

AS_7500* can be used for 7500/8500

AS_CTVM can be used for vWLC



Issues fixed on this release


CSCur88408   LAP doesnt send discovery request to WLC IP discovered by DNS resolution

CSCur56103  Jian Active Silent crash

CSCuq27304  Apple IOS7 devices not able to pass traffic in 11v+FTDot1x wlan

CSCur44620  Radio reset after Flex+Bridge AP recovers from standalone
CSCur43050  APs mfg in September/October 2014 unable to join an AireOS controller
CSCur42201  Crash on WLC apf_rogue_rule.c:2415
CSCur27551  SSLv3 Poodle attack against https in wlc, CVE-2014­-3566
CSCuq73468  Radius AP users not synchronizes after standalone-Connected transition
CSCur48600  1530 crashes after radio failure 

CSCur12358   1532 AP channel announce on DFS not working

CSCur27399   ap702w lan port wired client traffic gets disturbed.          

CSCur16761   outdoorAPs going to Local mode with "clear capwap privateconfig" command

CSCuq81885  DHCP fails Flexconnect Local Switching MAC Filtering RADIUS VLAN assign

CSCuq41792  XALE: Iphone6/Samsung 11ac clients deauthe'd on 11r roam reassoc request

CSCup66509  BGL-Alpha: #OSAPI-0-INVALID_TIMER_HANDLE: [SA] timerlib_mempool (TRCBK)

CSCuq94967  WLC: iPhone 6 displays as an Nortel-Phone for Device-Type

CSCuq97267  Anchor clients not able to see custom webauth page; SSL to WLC GUI fails

CSCur00985   Local Policy created from GUI gives an error if the day is Sunday

CSCur46621   OEAP600:radCfg config get lost after upgrade due to CSCuq04522

CSCuq89707  IOS AP OpenSSL August 2014 vulnerabilities

CSCuq33165  Loss of jumbo state config on upgrade from 7.6 to 8.0

CSCur23139   vWLC: Client cannot access network after reconnect

CSCuq49638  Pre-auth flex-ACL can not be applied on AP when AP joined the WLC

CSCur21198   Coverage hole detection not working as expected.

CSCur21984   Memory Usage  Increasing on Bonjour Services While Running

CSCur15784   Flex-Bridge fails to maintain MAP & client connectivity.

CSCur09386   FlexConnect Vlan mode changed to Disabled after power cycle (1242/1131)

CSCuq04522  OEAP access points lose config after power cycle

CSCug34802  rogue detector AP fails to corelate and contain wired rogues on 5ghz (1130/1240)

CSCub75472  Rogue AP detection on wire fails if radio mac is  1 of ethernet mac (1130/1240)

CSCuq79572 5500 crashing continuously   -ipv6socetTask

CSCuq89956  AP in local mode, 1550, crashes on show mesh forwarding port-state

CSCup84060  Radio interface down with rcore on 1130 and 1240 APs

CSCuq42751  WLC not sending all the Client attributes to PI

CSCuq34493  Unable to queue 802.11a AP PLM message

CSCup55898  IPv6 DTLS negotiation failure in Local and FlexConnect modes

CSCuq96360  702W : LED not working for the lan ports in autonomous mode

CSCuq40682  Optimized Roaming does not work

CSCuq82202  WLC hung - No free Mbufs (ARP Fllod) available

CSCup94796  QoS bandwidth contracts not cleared with fast-ssid-switching

CSCuq90997  PMIPV6 crash WLC  7.6 Reaper Reset: "PMIPV6_Thread" taking too much cpu

CSCuq92650  WLC memory leak on 7.6 post PIMPV6 implementation

CSCur13703   Central Webauth with HTTPS redirect fails

CSCup59877  %DOT11-2-NO_CHAN_AVAIL_CTRL: Interface Dot11Radio2, no channel available

CSCup47579  AP Core Dump check box disabled (GUI), AP mode change from Flex to Local

CSCuq73119  Need knob to suprress all RADIUS Interim Acct Updates per WLAN

CSCuq61876  %DOT11-2-NO_CHAN_AVAIL_CTRL: Interface Dot11Radio2, no channel available

CSCup96353  HA enabled Controller crash, Task: NFV9_Task

CSCuq86750  NDP packets on 3700 abnormally low TX power

CSCuq61451  wrong cert while accessing wlc by ipv6 address and https

CSCuq61753  Lobby admin broken on on WLC 2500

CSCuq50181  OpenSSL issues, August 2014 - WLC

CSCuq57637  15.3(3)JA AP IOS crash loop with "Release image validation failure"

CSCup46986  The 1st dhcp client needs to be kicked off after detected duplicate IP

CSCup92277  Controller responds to SYN-FIN scans

CSCuq14453  Memory leak on WLC when using PMIPv6 clients

CSCuq18402  Slave AP not connecting over daisy chain

CSCuq55372  8.0 - WLC crash with Flex AP and Local Switching Enabled

CSCup43052  WLC crashes after starting client roaming


Hi Javier,

the link above didn't work for me, I had to manually change to https for reaching the files.




Salil Prabhu
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Stefan,

Thanks. It is now corrected.


when will 8.0 MR1 be published as a final code ?

Javier Contreras
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

hi Kristjan

we plan to publish 8.0MR1 this month.

it is on finalizing stages now



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