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Surendra BG
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee





861/881/891W integrated AP Module converting from LWAPP to Autonomous "config t command does not work on integrated AP which is in LWAPP mode"




When the Integrated AP is running the LWAPP image.. that is.. "(AP801-RCVK9W8-M)" that is..


"(AP801-RCVK9 "W8" -M)" indicates its LWAPP


W7 >> In the image indicates Autonomous Image


Config t command will not work on the LWAPP image..  so the AP should use the Autonomous image to run those  commands... the below commands will help you out to overcome this  issue..


Configuration Example


From the router config mode issue the command..




Router#config t

Router(config t)#service-module wlan-ap0 bootimage autonomous

Router(config t)#service-module wlan-ap 0 reload


This will bring back the AP to autonomous..


99% the above will work.. if not.. use the below manual process..


That is..


Download TFTP d32 on your laptop and install it..


-    Download the latest IOS image: downloads for AP801 series.   --- Click on the Support tab in top--- Then click   Download   software------ Choose Wireless --- Then select "Integrated  routers and   switches section" from product list-Then choose the router  model -   choose IOS image.. (12.4(21a)JY)


>> Now log into the AP module from the router and issue the command..




AP#debug capwap console cli OR debug lwapp console cli


AP#config t <now the config command will work>


AP(config-t)#int GIG 0 or int FA 0 <which ever is the physical interface i think its the GIG>


AP(config  - int)#ip addresss <address > <mask> (make sure you have  the connectivity to your laptop ip address, that is the interface ip  should be able to ping the laptop ip address, that is.. both in the same  subnet)


AP(config - int)#no shut


AP(config - int)#end

Now use the archive download command to upgrade the AP to Autonomous..


AP#archieve download-sw /force-reload /overwrite tftp://<TFTP ip address (laptops IP)>/<Autonomous image.tar>


EX -


AP# archive download-sw /overwrite /force-reload tftp://


This will do it.. But the first step will resolve the issue 99% if that doesnt work, then proceed with manual.


Reference Link


If you are not be able to access the AP GUI if the AP module is running the code 12.4(21a)JA1... then i request you to follow  the document posted by me to overcome that as well. that is..

Vinay Sharma
Level 7
Level 7

Hi Surendra,

Very helpful information. High 5.


Level 1
Level 1

Neither solution worked for me on a 892W. I accidentally flashed it with lwapp when I wanted to upgrad to latest autonomous version.

For the bootimage autonomous suggested solution it would only reboot back to lwapp. Through the service module i could see it giving event logs of needing a reload to boot to autonomous yet every reload made it boot to lwapp. (perhaps because there was no autonomous image on it - i used the overwrite option during the attempted upgrade).

The commands debug capwap console cli and debug lwapp console cli didn't exist. Basically the console part didn't exist.

The solution for me was to delete everything on flash after logging on through the service module session interface. Then at at next reload it would halt at the bootloader where I went through the usual procedure of downloading a new image through TFTP.



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