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    Can the Cisco Aironet Autonomous access point be converted to Lightweight Access Point Protocol (LWAPP) using the CLI?


    The access points (APs) cannot be converted from autonomous mode to LWAPP mode via the CLI. The Upgrade Tool is the only method you can use. A newer version of the Upgrade Tool (version 1.7) will be available soon and is able to convert more than one AP at a time. In order to download any images, firmware versions, tools, and so forth, refer to the Wireless Download page.

    Obtaining the Upgrade Tool and Upgrade Image

    The autonomous mode to lightweight mode access point upgrade process is only supported for access point running Cisco IOS Releases 12.3(7)JA and later. The access points must be upgraded to this version or a later version before they can be converted to lightweight mode. Consult the Cisco Aironet documentation on upgrade procedures for autonomous access points.

    You can find the upgrade tool and the upgrade image at the Download Software page on


    You must register or be a registered user of to download software. To find the tool and the software image, follow these steps:

    • Step 1 Browse to the wireless downloads page:

    • Step 2 Click Wireless Software.
    • Step 3 Log into
    • Step 4 Click Access Points.
    • Step 5 Click the type of access point that you want to upgrade (for example, Cisco Aironet 1240 AG Series). When you click the access point type, the access point folder expands.
    • Step 6 Click the access point that you want to upgrade in the expanded list. The Downloads page appears.
    • Step 7 For the upgrade tool, click the Autonomous to Lightweight Mode Upgrade Tool link.
    • Step 8 Click the latest tool release and follow the prompts to download the tool to your PC.
    • Step 9 For the recovery software upgrade image, click the Autonomous to Lightweight Mode Upgrade Image link.
    • Step 10 Click the latest upgrade image name and follow the prompts to download the upgrade image to your PC.

    Problem Type

    • Release notes / product  overview / data sheet / FAQ
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    • Upgrade


    • Autonomous Access Points
    • Lightweight Access Points


    LWAPP network

    Device Access Method

    • Telnet
    • Terminal Server / Console

    SW Features

    Lightweight Access Point Protocol (LWAPP)


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