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Jeffrey Keown
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

OS X Stops Communicating if MCS Rates are Disabled:

CSCub82468 WLC should not allow disable of MCS rates on 800ns guard interval

+Resolved in

CSCug65693 Macbook client bug causing connectivity problem w/ recent OS X update

+Resolved in 7.4.110, 7.5.102, 7.6.100

CSCuh64372 OS X supplicant pauses 10 seconds during PEAP authentication after roam

This  is an issue in OSX, not a bug on the infrastructure side.  The  supplicant tries to perform a certificate revocation check while in the  middle of EAP authentication, but this will always fail, because the  client does not have network connectivity utill EAP is complete.

CSCug27515 Incorrect 802.11 Block ACK segment calculation for winstart/winend

Broadcom  MacBooks running 10.7/10.8 can experience stalled transmissions, when  they get into a state where they are trying to transmit two frames of  which one is past the A-MPDU window.

OS X 10.7 (Lion) Clients Dropping from WLAN Following Upgrade

10.7.1 includes the following: "Improve the reliability of Wi-Fi connections"  -

MacBook Pro continuous Association to the WLAN with system mode network configuration

If  a system mode network is configured with any EAP type, on occasion with  OS X 10.8.4 (possibly other builds also) the client MacBook will  attempt to reconnect to the WLAN every 60 seconds for a period of up to  several minutes. The issue lies with a process on the Apple client not  launching properly. When this process fails to launch, the 'airportd'  daemon process forces a reconnection to the network. Each time the  aforementioned process fails to load, airportd will again force the  reconnection after 60 seconds, causing the client's wireless connection  to be dropped during these events until it connects again. The Apple  client conducts a full association and authentication process during  each instance.

Workaround: Avoid all 802.1X/EAP types and configure the WLAN and client supplicant for PSK instead.

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