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The Cisco Document Team has posted an article. This document describes how to configure a Cisco Access Point (AP) as a 802.1x supplicant to be authorized on a switchport against a RADIUS server. Know of something that needs doc...

IntroductionBackup an IOS image using TFTP Backup an IOS image using FTP Backup an IOS image using RCP Preparing to Download or Upload an Image File by Using TFTPReference IntroductionYou can backup the IOS image on the access point using TFTP, FTP, ...

Hola. Les comparto este pequeño documento de como convertir un AP en modo autónomo o centralizado. En el caso particular de modo centralizado a autónomo utilizamos un comando debug poco conocido pero que nos puede ayudar sin no podemos utilizar el mé...

Refer to the following Cisco.com articles for recommendations for AireOS software running on Wireless LAN Controllers:   TAC Recommended AireOS:https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/support/docs/wireless/wireless-lan-controller-software/200046-tac-recommend...

Aaron by Cisco Employee
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Cisco CleanAir will report the following traps on CUWN WLCs: - AP APNAME06[1] (50:1c:bf:b4:d8:00) Device ID: 0x20f9, Type: WiFi Invalid Channel[31], Severity: 0, Channels: 149, Cluster ID: 0e:58:c0:79:38:7d, Previous Cluster ID: 0e:58:c0:79:38:7d, Ev...

Jeal Jimenez by Cisco Employee
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Table of Contents Table of ContentsOverviewConnecting a Catalyst 9800 WLC to Cisco DNA Center ManuallyConnecting an AireOS WLC to Cisco DNA Center ManuallyCisco DNA Center Assurance Deployment Guide References   Overview The purpose of this document...

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Richard Jang by Cisco Employee
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