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Error: AAA Authentication Failure for UserName:lobbyadmin User Type: WLAN USER

  IntroductionIn the document Cisco HTTS Wireless engineer "Victor Vasantha Kumar" has explained issue about "Lobby administrator account, also known as a lobby ambassador account user is Unable to authenticate". SymptomsWe are having 5508 Wireless L...

Steps to change the IP address on a Prime Infrastructure (PI) server

Here are the steps:   If the Prime Infrastructure servers are paired for High Availability (HA), remove HA before performing these steps. Once the IP address is changed, the servers can be paired again.   1. Login to the console of the Prime Infrastr...

ramkris2 by Cisco Employee
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AIR 1852i cannot join WLC and setup it. It automatically loop restart.

My 1852i disconnect from WLC. And I start it display below. Sometimes need to input new username and password\ SSID, but I can't save it. And it automatically loop restart. Start the indicator is solid green. After a while blink green, and then blink...

CleanAir traps about WiFi Invalid Channel and WiFi Inverted

Cisco CleanAir will report the following traps on CUWN WLCs: - AP APNAME06[1] (50:1c:bf:b4:d8:00) Device ID: 0x20f9, Type: WiFi Invalid Channel[31], Severity: 0, Channels: 149, Cluster ID: 0e:58:c0:79:38:7d, Previous Cluster ID: 0e:58:c0:79:38:7d, Ev...

Jeal Jimenez by Cisco Employee
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Common Site-Survey Mistakes in Hospitals, Warehouses,Offices, & Places

Tuesday 21, June 2022, at 9:00hrs PDT (utc -8) Ask Me AnythingVideo Community Live Slides- Common Site-Survey Mistakes in Hospitals, Warehouses, Offices, and ... Palaces! The main goal of the presentation is to go through the most common mistakes t...


How to manually connect a Cisco WLC to Cisco DNA Center for Network Assurance

Table of Contents Table of ContentsOverviewConnecting a Catalyst 9800 WLC to Cisco DNA Center ManuallyConnecting an AireOS WLC to Cisco DNA Center ManuallyCisco DNA Center Assurance Deployment Guide References   Overview The purpose of this document...

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Richard Jang by Cisco Employee
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