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2802i Failing to Join 9800-CL

Hi, I have a 2802i that will not sustain a connection to a 9800-CL.   The WLC is running version 17.03.04 software release.  The AP join the WLC and broadcasts SSID for a few seconds  but then drops the connection. I have trustpoint configured on WLC...

5520 WLC in HA Pair (SSO) - How to break the SSO

Hi All,I'm hoping you can advise here. We have 2x 5520 wlc's in an SSO pair. I've tried to replicate breaking the SSO pair and what would happen in GNS3 however, gns3 doesn't seem to support redundancy in the wlc. So am looking for advice form someon...

WLC 9800 CL Client Exclusion Issue

We have spoke sites on Flex mode, each site are all treated separately, has its own DHCP server to serve wireless clients. The DHCP scope is the same for all sites. Now with WPS IP Theft or IP Reuse enabled it seems that when Site A client is served ...

buhawi by Beginner
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Conections WLC serie 5500 or 9800

Good evening,dear ParnertI just got 2 new 9800 serie wireless controllers and I need to know if they can work with the 2600 APs or if we can connect the new APs on the 5500 series WLC 

emWeb stuck at 100%

Hi guys,I'm having an issue with 5508 model. emWeb process is stuck on 100%, you can't access WLC over GUI, and ssh is very slow...(5508_WLC) >show process cpu---------------------------------- System CPU Process ---------------------------------Curr...

Jeza-925 by Beginner
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Access point at remote site

Hi All,Does anyone know how we can configure our AIR-CAP1702I-E-K9 AP at a remote site that can manage by the central controller at HO while forwarding the data traffics from the remote location?

Seeing a recurring message when running debug on IIoT device

Hello, I'm seeing this message consistently when running a debug client <mac> command:*apfReceiveTask: Oct 06 07:43:19.454: [PA] apfMmProcessMessage: Freeing the mm pkt for non existing client*apfReceiveTask: Oct 06 07:43:22.922: [PA] apfMmProcessMes...

kkunimoto by Beginner
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9800-CL VM Deployment Failing

Hi, I am setting up a home LAB and attempting to deploy 9800-CL as VM. However, the installation is repeatedly stuck as depicted in the image below, I have left it for several hours but the installation does not progress. I have also downloaded and a...


AP authenticates users without radius server

I have AIR-AP1242AG-S-K9 standalone access point. It has radius server group configured but no radius server configured under the group. But still it authenticates the users. I'm trying to figure out how it authenticate the users. Below is the output...

Cisco 881 4G Failover From WAN to 4G Problem

Hello community need some helpI have 881 4g with an active sim cardnow I don't find any good tutorial on how to configure IP sla failover let's say interface WAN is down after 2 seconds failover to cellularafter WAN in online again failover back to W...

Yair by Beginner
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Cisco Mobility Express Native Vlan configuration

Hello, I am quite new with mobility express and I would like to configure native vlan on Mobility express management interface. I used the following command and see that vlan is changed to 10. (Cisco Controller) >config interface vlan management 10 B...

Wynn by Beginner
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Invalid mask for the entered IP - 140AC Access Point ACL

I am running into a very strange issue.  Trying to setup and ACL rule under Advanced > Security Settings on the 140AC web interface.  For some reason it will not accept the mask for the IP I entered.  I don't see the problem.  Did I miss something or...

EvanC75 by Beginner
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Cisco 9800 High CPU every 15 minutes caused by SAMsgThread process

We have 6 pairs of 9800-80 on HA, and we noticed that on all pairs there is a process (SAMsgThread) that runs every 15 minutes that affects the 9800 controller CPU. That process SAMsgThread is the responsible for Smart Licensing operations. Depending...

DATHOZ by Beginner
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