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Strange error configuring 1041N

Hi folks, I bought a Cisco 1041N at a trade show and am now trying to configure it?I bought two serial cables through Amazon which are specific to Cisco:https://www.amazon.de/-/n...o2ov_dt_b_product_details https://www.amazon.de/dp/...o2ov_dt_b_produ...

C9115AXI-EWC-E Mixed with AP 1852i ME

Hi all we have an ME deployment with two1852i  now we bought 4x C9115AXI-EWC-E   can you tell me if its better to create the Ewc new deployment and then join 1852i as “members” of the new “cluster”? ( assuming upgrade to 8.10 on the ME)  Are they com...

beconnect by Beginner
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9800L - Guest WLAN - MAC Filtering / external site for WebAuth

9800L-F running 17.10.1.  We are moving off a 5508 running   I can not seem to get the Guest WLAN to work on the 9800L.On the 5508 Security Tab:L2: MAC FilteringL3: Web Policy, On MAC Filter failurePreauth ACL:  is set to ACL that allows...

Flex Connect and Mobility Express

Hello there! I am new to FlexConnect (Officeextend) and i am wondering how it works. If i configure flexconnect, does the access point outside LAN create a VPN tunnel to my LAN or does it just brodcast the ssid's and do SSID to VLAN mapping? Will it ...

Denniz by Beginner
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POE Power

Should the POE Power be constant. I have several AP's that are fluctuating from 9.4w to 16.4w, just want to know if this is normal 

jreddick by Beginner
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AIR-CAP3702I-E-K9 fail to upgrade

Hi! We are trying to do an upgrade a WISM2 from to the recomended version We have more than 300 APs CAP3700 and CAP3800. All CAP3800 upgraded succefully to, but all 3700 failed... Can anyone know why they are failling? ...

Cisco Aironet 2800 no guarda la configuracion

Hola. Tengo varios aps de este modelo, con uno de controlador. Cuando voy a la interfaz web, al apartado de wireless settings - access points para gestionar las ips y las radios, selecciono el punto de acceso que quiero modificar. Por ejemplo, en la ...

Pablo R. by Beginner
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TFTP IOS Upgrade -> Permission denied - Cisco AP

Hello guys,im trying to giving a AP a Lightweight or Autonomous Image (both not working). The AP has no image rn and it is blank. It is a AIR-LAP1142N-E-K9(It had both images kw7 and kw8 but when i deleted it and tryed to do it myself then it didnt w...

ap blank.PNG Unbenannt6.PNG Unbenannt.PNG Unbenannt..PNG

Wifi AP bridges off WLC

Hi,I have a pair of 9800 WLC's along with Prime Infrastructure Management,Is it possible to find devices that have connected to my wifi and are bridging/ rebroadcasting to another wifi network/ SSID, in effect taking my wifi and rebroadcasting it as ...

paul-d by Beginner
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9800-L WLC Guest Portal

Sorry this is a bit long, but wanted to provide some details on my design.I have 5 regional offices. All APs at the remote offices are in Flex Configuration. I have a Guest WLan and use ACLs on my Cisco Routers/L3 switches to isolate the traffic. The...

Resolved! Cisco 9120AXI-EWC-E deployment not working

Hi all!I bought a C9210AXI-EWC for a small location.I configured an ip address on Gigabit Ethernet 0. My switchport is configured as a trunk and native vlan.I'm not able to ping the EWC.cdp neighbor detail on the switch is showing the ap, but no mana...

as00001111 by Beginner
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Resolved! ISE Guest Approval Sponsor Mail

I have set up an ise guest portal. The guest can register himself, but must be approved by a sponsor. If the sponsor then clicks on the link, he is logged into the sponsor portal via SSO and sees the account under Pending Accounts. If you want to app...

mgollob by Beginner
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