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Captive Portal Guest Login redirecting not working in mobile


I am currently working on creating a guest login. I am using WAP 571 Cisco device. I created the SSID with guest authentication.

i am having issues.

1. When the user connect with guest-wifi it should redirect to my custom page in where i welcome the user.I have added the redirect url in the captive portal but in android/mobile devices it is not redirecting. It is just connecting to the wifi.




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Sujoy Paria
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


You may cross verify the Captive Portal settings on the WAP571 once following the below mentioned link…

Then disable the ‘Mobile Data’ option on your Mobile, clear the browser cache on your mobile. After that connect the Wi-Fi (SSID with guest authentication) and try to access any public website using the web browser mentioned above, you are suppose to get the authentication page you have created on the Captive Portal configuration. Make sure you have the Internet connectivity available on the SSID you have configured for the guest authentication. Also, please make sure the WAP571 is updated with the latest firmware version

Hi Thanks for your reply.

I have followed the steps you shared thanks for that.

When i connect to the wifi it redirects me to the CISCO page where i can see a username field with connect button. Once i type the username and accept connects it connected to the internet. But it is not redirecting to the redirect URL i have added in the Instance Configuration.

Any idea?

For your information. It is redirecting in laptop device. but not in mobile devices. 
If i enable the global radius. From where i can get the Server IP and Key. What is that? How i can get these?


Hi, Please verify the parameter ‘Redirect URL’ once. Enter the URL (including http://) to which the newly authenticated client is redirected.

HI i verified the Redirected URL is with the http://

On mobile phone i can only see this screen when i try to connect the wifi, Once i entered the username and accept the policy it gets connected. It should redirect to the URL which i have added in the redirect URL. 

Please check screeshot


As you have mentioned that it is redirecting properly on the Laptop device however not redirecting on your mobile device so it seems there is no configuration issue on the WAP device regarding this. You may try using a different browser on your mobile or try a different mobile device to test.

Regarding the global radius configuration you may refer the admin guide (page 113 onwards)…

Any chance this could DNS related?  Maybe setup the redirection as an IP address instead of name.


I hope your DHCP source is same for the Laptop /PC and Mobile, normally DNS information also included on that. In case you are using different DNS settings on the Mobile compared to Laptop / PC then you may use the same DNS settings on the Mobile and verify.

I have figured out that the redirection is working in IOS devices and Desktop Devices. The issue is only with the android devices. I have tested with different android devices its not working.



So the question is, what's different about the Android devices? That's why I brought up that they are capable of augmenting the Wi-Fi with 4G. This could be bypassing what you've set. It's a setting in the Android device.

On my device, the setting is called "Download booster." It's under the "More networks" setting. It states that it is there to help improve the download speed for large downloads, but I've found it also kicks in when it considers the Wi-Fi to be "unstable."


There is also another location to look. Under Wi-Fi settings, click on the vertical ellipsis in the upper right and choose "Advanced." Under that, there should be an option called "Smart network switch" that states that its purpose is to maintain a "stable" network connection.

I'm wondering if your devices are detecting the interrupt of the captured portal as an "unstable" connection?

Generally Speaking, this is typically a issue (bug or undocumented feature) with the Captive Network Assistant (CNA). I have encountered variants of this story after "updates" on just about all mobile makes. The simplest way to test is when the captive portal comes up, close it and open the captive portal in chrome or firefox on the andriod phone. If it does the redirect after login, then the issue is the CNA. The issue is that the CNA is not handiing the re-direct URL off to the phones default browser. This is either caused by a bug or during an update the preference setting was lost in the phone. Either way the solution is outside your hands.


Verify that there is a default browser set in app preferences then try different default browsers to see if one will handle the hand-off better than others. 

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I have verified that on the old android version 7.1.1 (with Samsung make Phone) and the latest android version 9.x (with Xiaomi make phone) and redirection is working fine on both the cases.

I was using WAP571 device with latest firmware

You may try once with a different DNS once, like

What do you mean by DNS. where i put these?
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