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Salil Prabhu
Cisco Employee

85MR3 Interim Build Availability

We are pleased to announce the fourth 85MR3 Interim ( for production deployment.


Access Request :

(Within 24 hours automatic access to software download will be given)


Software Image Download :

[NOTE: Please make sure to use Aspera Client to download files, if downloading for the first time from you will be prompted to install Aspera Client on top of Website]


Feedback Form :


If you already upgraded system to, we would appreciate if you can update this form : Link:


CSCvh73821 wlc crash on sh run-config
CSCvi96690 Cisco 2800 AP detects Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 8260 as rogue client/AP
CSCvj01120 Cisco OEAP have DHCP server feature enabled by default even after disabling
CSCvi98514 ethernet port comes up as TRUNK and Allowed Vlan 4095
CSCvj07190 2800 AP not joining WLC if 'Enable NAT Address' feature is enabled
CSCvi98154 8.5MR3 ME: SSH stopped working for WLC.
CSCvi70783 WSA certficate is not upated on WLC
CSCvh97636 3800/2800/1832 Flex APs stop redirecting CWA clients after WLAN change
CSCvj29270 Flex AP's wlan-vlan mapping mismatch in multiple WLC scenario.
CSCvj18004 8.5MR3Interim AP cannot join with NAT address on management interface of controller
CSCvj30550 WLC crashing when configuring PSK Provisioning key
CSCvi09095 BZ1426 Radio reset Tx Jammed on after upgrade
CSCvi59432 Creation Time of Local Net User set to Jan 1 00:00:00 1970
CSCvj36853 AP name corruption after upgrade
CSCvj39005 Wireless Clients losing L2VNID override when performing Switchover on 5520

CSCvi63043 Hyperlocation disabled, but WLC overfloods log with hyperlocation messages
CSCvi33984 HA pair does not sync VLAN support configuration for mesh APs
CSCvh98496 fan failure errors seen after upgrade to
CSCvi42526 Mesh 1562 : AP will not go into bridge mode for I domain
CSCvi95243 NBAR support for classifying Sprint as WiFi calling in 8.5
CSCvi90205 WISM2 upgrade issues with - EXT2-fs: Magic mismatch
CSCvg70420 AP2800/3800 crashing while changing fields on OEAP page
CSCvh63417 d0: *** sensord died (src/dspm_main.c:1662/0) - slot 0 ***
CSCvi50929 3504 crashing on 8.6.101
CSCvh85082 1562-I Failed to decode discovery response and crash
CSCvh91290 AP-COS needs to send XID broadcast on client association for FlexConnect local switching
CSCvi81204 Alpha: Barbados AP MTU issue with Fabric enable network.
CSCvi01918 RRM stall - 3702 RF neighbor list empty on both WLC and AP on 5GHz
CSCvi42632 AP generating 'hostapd' core files, WLC uptime goes to zero when this is seen
CSCvi98357 Cisco AP1815I : Crashed unexpectedly due to 'watchdog reset(sync_log)'
CSCvj03021 After upgrade the AP VLAN Trunking config changed to "Disabled " state
CSCvi61401 WLC remote access failing after upgrade
CSCvi51372 Client unable to reach RUN state on anchor WLC with 802.1x + ISE NAC
CSCvi12046 Flexconnect AP WLAN-VLAN Mapped incorrectly on AP2800 

CSCvi56046 1560 RAP after reboot will lose the VLAN support configuration.
CSCvi52529 WLC: OsapiBsnTimer increase memory causing a crash, no crash file generated
CSCvi07565 3800 AP - Client EAP TLS not working with Zebra RF Gun which sends certificate in fragments
CSCvi57169 SDA-Wireless AAA Override VNID ID is lost when roaming from one AP Group to another
CSCvi57043 WLC: WLC hang suddenly without crash file, osapiReaper accessing file that doesn't exist
CSCvh89438 WLC 8510 SNMP Traps for Duplicate IP reported with IP address inversely.
CSCvh94458 Wave1 APs Last reload reason shows "Invalid image opcode"
CSCvi49114 8.5MR: AP 3700 memory allocation issue on IOS AP
CSCvh51835 WGB client not getting IP address from the VLAN returned as AAA override
CSCvi01675 New Mobility with 3650MA and 5520 Achor - Guest users cannot reach DG on 8.3.x
CSCvi53601 New Mobility Anchor Controller unexpectedly reboots with Task Name: mcListen
CSCvi22594 DNAC: Adding new WLC successful or existing devices show that inventory poll fails with SNMP issue
CSCvh54235 Cisco 3800 AP FW stopped working on Radio 0
CSCvi17380 TxFSM stuck on Radio 0 with TCQVerify patch.
CSCvg98078 AP with Flex AVC visibility Tx frames with sequence jumps causing client to not process packets
CSCvi56738 IW3702 on auto-bridge mode not preserving channel width more than 20MHz

CSCvi49590 Bad phase calibration values in Triggerfish EEPROM
CSCvg87933 AP1815w consumes PoE+ 802.3at instead of using 8-9 watts with PoE disabled
CSCvh81391 AP2800/3800 add Capwap ap-primed-join-timeout logic
CSCvi21680 change 1810w max cdp power to old value 24.4w
CSCvi57232 1815w AP-specific vlan override RLAN fails, ssid flexconnect vlan takes precedence after AP reboot
CSCvi56738 IW3702 on auto-bridge mode not preserving channel width more than 20MHz is the first Interim build published from the CCO image and it is an engineering special that resolves the following additional caveat(s):
This release already has incorporated Fixes from previous MR releases such as
If you have DNAC/WSA deployments, we would request to hold for the next interim refresh.

CSCva26469 2800/3800 - More Packet Loss for Multicast traffic
CSCvb44979 WLC Local EAP with Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7925 IP Phone Handshake Failure
CSCvc66728 WLC: Traceback pattern #2 on 8.2MR5 in apfProcessAssocReq
CSCvf10786 CAP 2800, 3800 sniffer mode logs wrong PHY and data rates for 802.11ac
CSCvf10811 sniffer mode APs should log more layer 1 information
CSCvf11072 ME: SUBNET_MISMATCH_IP_ADD_ON_MSCB mismatches while registering IP address x.x.x.x
CSCvf52731 New Mobility member status shows as Unknown when editing mobility member IP address
CSCvf61977 AP crash in watchdog reset(wcpd) -- AP3802I-B
CSCvf74377 AP3800 Sniffer mode: 802.11 acks, RTS, CTS, QoS Null packets do not get captured
CSCvf74406 AP3800 Sniffer mode: AP doesn't fill BAR Request Type, BAR Control, SSC, FCS in BAR and BA packets
CSCvg18543 8.5MR: AP 3700 Tx jammed and radio reloads unexpectedly
CSCvg19012 8.5MR1:OEAP 1815 performs "Start Network Diagnostics" test could hit different kinds of errors
CSCvg19242 Cisco 1700/2700/3700 log wrong PHY in sniffer mode for 802.11ac
CSCvg21910 Deleting one SSID will affect another SSID created on the same radio interface
CSCvg29325 FTP download Fails on wlc when using untagged interfaces on different ports
CSCvg34502 1542 AP not joining WLC with Costa Rica (CR) Country
CSCvg38548 Walk index discrepency between 8.6 and 8.4. Needs to be corrected as per 8.4
CSCvg40339 smr4: 2800 in sniffer mode is missing huge amount of data packets
CSCvg44450 2800AP is not able to process the ARP Response
CSCvg45986 WGB forwards downstream bcast within un-configured vlan to native vlan
CSCvg54772 8.6: Buff Leak messages on ap console again when ap changes channel
CSCvg56184 IOS APs in sniffer mode shows incorrect TID in captured traffic
CSCvg61878 COS AP does not send k9w8 in LLDP Packets leading to false classification
CSCvg64750 8.5MR1:HA osapi_file.c:1030 Failed to open the file, %OSAPI-3-SOCK_SEND_FAILED: [SA]osapi_support
CSCvg73797 2800/3800 AP: Command timeout at 0x8000 in FW
CSCvg74107 WLC reloads unexpectedly in Dot1x_NW_MsgTask - dynamic VLANs from AAA
CSCvg75189 Cisco 1800 AP: Radio failure and firmware freeze
CSCvg76168 5GHz radio interface on 1532 APs remains down due to DFS even when not all channels are blacklisted.
CSCvg82066 1815I AP Reload due to Kernel Panic QCA #03226601
CSCvg82156 2802E AP with Radio1 Crashing
CSCvg87401 1542 AP Crash in Flex + Mesh mode
CSCvg94522 TxFSM stuck on Radio 0 with new signature
CSCvg94780 WLC crashing on
CSCvg96160 WLC: Crashed after 1-day on 8.7 Alpha bring-up and ~7-users on tail-end of lunch rush at Cafe-11
CSCvg96183 Proxy ARP always enabled in Beacon IE for Flex mode AP irrespective of ARP cache config
CSCvg96533 Alpha 3800/2800 FIQ/NMI reset see on .98 image and .102
CSCvg96852 Cisco 1815W SnifferMode AP beacons allows clients to join and blackhole traffic
CSCvg96864 8.5MR1 - - AP3702 Radio core with reason "Bad acq dtx"
CSCvg97013 Cisco 8540 WLC reloads unexpectedly on Task Name: emWeb on
CSCvg98807 8.5MR1: AP702 crashes due to Illegal access to a low address
CSCvh01114 autonomous AP should honor cos value and maps it to UP value accordingly
CSCvh03119 Traceback with SNMPTask %OSAPI-5-MUTEX_UNLOCK_FAILED invalid(NULL) pointer passed. errcode = UNKNOWN
CSCvh14509 Queue full issue observed with NmspNormalTxQ, breached 1 time. having Capacity 65535
CSCvh15342 Apple client fails to pass traffic when after fast roaming because of sending EAPOL start in 4way HS
CSCvh15852 WLC GUI/SSH not accessible - emweb consuming 100% cpu
CSCvh16413 WLC System Crash with apfRogueTask_0
CSCvh19127 AP1815I no response from wired side -
CSCvh20238 Cisco 2800, 3800 APs joining the WLC in flex-mode fail to update FlexACL in group policies
CSCvh22023 AP: FIQ/NMI crash in memcpy on
CSCvh23473 AP1572 shows incorrect regulatory power level for Qatar domain
CSCvh27557 Cisco 1562 AP limited to 54 Mbps in 2.4-GHz backhaul
CSCvh28229 Incorrect count for cLApWlanStatsOnlineUserNum when SSID is changed
CSCvh30228 Profile Longevity: AP1832I crashes with kernel panic on load (8.5 MR2)
CSCvh30447 MAP changes its statically assigned non-backhaul channel after it rejoins RAP
CSCvh30872 Decrypt errors on 1532 AP
CSCvh32590 AP:1852 - Observed a radio core on loading the image, 5G @0x0099B20C,
CSCvh32630 FT Auth Response is corrupted when PMF is enabled
CSCvh32971 Management Via Wireless Not Working
CSCvh33064 Config logging traceinfo setting not restored correctly
CSCvh48916 1815I pwr should consume power draw mentioned in the datasheet.
CSCvh49820 WLAN disabled after any change due to PSK lost
CSCvh50166 e model 2802 without dart connector being considered as RRF candidate and assigned 5 GHz role
CSCvh55157 WLC reuses Acct-Session-Id when Client changes WLANs
CSCvh56064 Profile: 2802I AP crashes due to kernel panic with load
CSCvh58266 WLC CRASH Task Name: ccxL2RoamTask 0x162ad5d l2roamGetRrmNeighborList+77
CSCvh58486 WLC CRASH Task Name: emWeb osapiMsgQueueDetailClear+42/usmDbMsgQueueDetailClear+27
CSCvh59834 ME : Cannot change the role of XOR radio from Auto to Manual on AP2802E without DART
CSCvh60627 3504 WLC crash with taskname 'osapiReaper'
CSCvh60970 WLC CRASH Task Name: emWeb osapiMutexDumpAllLocked+890 after timezone setting of AP
CSCvh61355 WLC need remove wgb behind wired client after wgb changes to worst uplink
CSCvh61939 1562 MAP is not forwarding BPDUs sent by the RAP when using ethernet bridging
CSCvh66002 AP sniffer doen't capture traffic when enabled for the first time on a channel
CSCvh66793 AP 1815W - continuously logs: missing case for op class XXX in ieee80211_mbo_operating_class_to_chan
CSCvh66816 WCPD crash with 1815w in RlanportControl element
CSCvh67549 Cisco 8540 Data Plane reloads unexpectedly on __udp_input
CSCvh67590 WLC delay packets due to high DP packet buffers in use
CSCvh72613 AP crash when running 'show controller d1 atf cfs client'
CSCvh73146 Controller crash due to clientTroubleShootingTask
CSCvh73674 1562 MAP not sending Air Quality reports to WLC
CSCvh75618 85MR2 - Starting NA Connector...message flood on WLC console
CSCvh77719 External MDNS resolution fails with WLC 'link local bridging' enabled
CSCvh78149 AP1815 Idle Clients is not removed after 24 hrs
CSCvh78884 AP crashes on NBAR timer tick task
CSCvh79344 WLC is returning values for 'cLSiIdrDeviceSignature' OID with a length >32 bytes
CSCvh82606 LSC configurations are not persistent after certificate installation followed by system reboot
CSCvh83197 1560 AP will create a loop when faling over to wireless and wired connection comes back
CSCvh83328 WLC crash in loop while trying to download old config from tftp
CSCvh85830 WLC Blocks Client MAC Authentication for wrong WLAN Profile
CSCvh92524 Crash in wlc with eogre rule add cli
CSCvh96132 too many channel changes on XOR 5GHz
CSCvh98439 WLC stopped working while executing "config client deauthenticate <mac>" command
CSCvh99287 OEAP drops wired client traffic after N+1 failover
CSCvi03114 1852 series access points crashing due to Kernel Panic
CSCvi06165 IPSec tunnel is not coming up after disabling/changing the profile using PSK
CSCvi06528 VLAN priority tag inside the EoGRE packet set to non-zero when 802.1p set to none
CSCvi07460 WLC is incorrectly returning '5' for snmpwalk on bsnMobileStationApMode OID
CSCvi07609 Cisco 5520 WLC experiences fatal dataplane crash at broffu_fp_dapi_cmd.c:4588
CSCvi09424 Layer 3 Roam fails back to L2 Anchor with MAC Filtering MAB
CSCvi11287 Cisco 2800 AP consistently reboots around 1 second after joining to the WLC
CSCvi11609 DNS snooping not working for URL ACL after upgrade to 8.5
CSCvi13706 MAP will map ethernet bridging wired devices to the wrong VLAN
CSCvi17786 EoGRE client doesn't receive IP and stays in DHCP_REQ
CSCvi19811 NBAR support for WiFi calling in 8.5
CSCvi25420 COS AP always send RTS at 6 data rate when data rate is supported
CSCvi30899 WLC 8.5 - AP fails to join the WLC when QA country code is used (-E AP)
CSCvi31343 5520 HA Pair keeps crashing at on broffu_SocketReceive
CSCvi34440 3504 Secondary Crashing Repeatedly
CSCvi38017 Standby wlc continously rebooting after upgrade
CSCvi39854 ME - HEAP Memory Leak when internal DHCP scopes are used
CSCvi42743 ME: Image upgrade got stuck, Slave AP Status showing as "Initiated"
CSCvi43963 AP1562D to AP1562D bridge does not transmit fragmented traffic on
CSCvi45088 AP2800: adjust NDP pkt transmission power level

Leo Laohoo
VIP Community Legend

Hi Salil, 

I just reviewed, briefly, the list of fixed caveats and is CSCvi20869 included in any way?

Hello Leo,


I will include the fix in the next refresh.


regards, Salil

Thanks, Salil.

Sorry to be a pain, Salil.  How about CSCva34879?

Hello Leo,


that bug is in U state (un-reproducible). So no fix .


regards, Salil

Thanks, Salil.
Oscar Olsson

Will you update this thread once a new build has been posted to the file share?

Yes will do
VIP Advisor

Just wondering, for the WLC 3504 it's the file AS_3500_8_......aes?

The release notes don't tell and there is no readme file.

Just tested it, it's indeed the correct file. Upgrade worked, but I found some new, never seen, boot messages, once my single test AP connected:

5	Mon Apr 23 09:08:17 2018	AP's Interface:0(802.11b) Operation State Up: Base Radio MAC:6c:50:4d:ab:0b:00 Cause=Reset while setting promiscous mode serving channel. Status:NA
6	Mon Apr 23 09:08:17 2018	AP's Interface:0(802.11b) Operation State Down: Base Radio MAC:6c:50:4d:ab:0b:00 Cause=Reset while setting promiscous mode serving channel. Status:NA
7	Mon Apr 23 09:08:17 2018	AP's Interface:1(802.11a) Operation State Up: Base Radio MAC:6c:50:4d:ab:0b:00 Cause=Reset while setting promiscous mode serving channel. Status:NA
8	Mon Apr 23 09:08:17 2018	AP's Interface:1(802.11a) Operation State Down: Base Radio MAC:6c:50:4d:ab:0b:00 Cause=Reset while setting promiscous mode serving channel. Status:NA
9	Mon Apr 23 09:08:14 2018	AP's Interface:1(802.11a) Operation State Up: Base Radio MAC:6c:50:4d:ab:0b:00 Cause=Unknown Reset Status:NA
10	Mon Apr 23 09:08:14 2018	WIPS Alert: Reason "NoProfile" detected on AP MAC: 6c:50:4d:ab:0b:00, AP Name: 3502AGN-5U17-1
11	Mon Apr 23 09:08:14 2018	AP's Interface:0(802.11b) Operation State Up: Base Radio MAC:6c:50:4d:ab:0b:00 Cause=Unknown Reset Status:NA

Never seen the first four messages of those before. I don't remember enabling promiscuous mode before (also the error message has a typo in promiscuous).


Brian Taylor

Which file for 2504 wlc?

Hello Brian,


regards, Salil
VIP Advisor

Just discovered that this release misses a dot in the filename of this forum post. Because of that it can't be found with 8.5mr3.
@Salil Prabhu could you maybe edit the title of your main post to include a dot between 8 and 5? :) That way it would have the same naming scheme like the other beta releases.

Sorry for the error.. I will hold the current link as the link has been circulating around and adding a . will append to the URL and many folks may see it not available any more.. But feedback ack'd
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