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C9105AXI-E EWC internal DHCP


Hi there,

I want to configure my C9105AXI-E Access Point for an AP-on-a-Stick site survey. 

I have already booted up with the ewc image. Now I am getting a warning that asks to do the basic day 0 provisioning prior to the deployment of the AP. 

What I want to: connect the AP to a PoE battery and broadcast the survey SSID.

Therefore, want to configure an internal DHCP server on the wlc, so that the AP can receive an IP from the controller and also a client which connects to my open SSID. The client should then be able to enter the web gui from the wlc.

Does anybody have an idea how to configure the internal dhcp service? I would like to configure this by using the cli (i want to automate the process of preparing a Cisco AP for site survey using python).

Please do not hesitate to correct me if am wrong at some point. I want to learn something  

Thanks in advance for the assistance.

1 Accepted Solution

Accepted Solutions

The issue was resolved by entering following command:

WLC(config)#wireless interface GigabitEthernet 0

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Scott Fella
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Take a look at this post.  I know there are a few other out there that explain how to setup a site survey ap using a 91xx.  At least get the ap up and then look ad the guides explaining the dhcp.  You can do this from the GUI and then diff against a previous config.  This way you can see what command on the cli has changed.

From Shelf to Survey – Cisco 9100AX EWC Conversion – How I WI-FI (

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Hi, i would like to share with you what i have done. Currently my C9105AXI AP is connected to a C2960-C PoE Switch. My laptop is also connected to the switch. I have given both devices an ip address from the network. But i couldn´t access the GUI...

After the AP completely booted up with the new image we getting a warning that asks us to do the basic day 0 provisioning prior to the deployment of the AP.

Day Zero Config

First we will configure an admin user with an privilege level and password to login into the web interface.

WLC889C.ADC0.6B08(config)#user-name admin
WLC889C.ADC0.6B08(config-user-name)#privilege 15
WLC889C.ADC0.6B08(config-user-name)#password ******

Next we will configure an ap profile. Therefore we have to configure a management user for the access points.

WLC889C.ADC0.6B08(config)#ap profile ap-default
WLC889C.ADC0.6B08(config-ap-profile)#mgmtuser username ntsadmin ntsadmin password 0 ****** secret 0 *****

Next i will going to configure the ip address of the wireless controller. This address will be used to manage the device.

WLC(config)#int gigabitEthernet 0
WLC(config-if)#ip add
WLC(config-if)# exit
WLC(config)#ip default-gateway

We want to enable the web server software on it to enter the WLC GUI

WLC889C.ADC0.6B08(config)#ip http secure-server

The issue was resolved by entering following command:

WLC(config)#wireless interface GigabitEthernet 0

Haydn Andrews

There a method for doing this via Python as well: 

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